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AMZN to Pay Amazon Prime Members Who Accept Slower Shipping

Amazon is willing to pay members of its Prime service that accept slower shipping $1 is in credit to be used toward videos. More 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Review: Attacking the iPad Head-On

Our Samsung Galaxy Tab S review shows the new flagship consumer Galaxy Tab has advantages over iPad but lacks its premium look More 

Will Facebook Buy Snapchat for $10 Billion?

Facebook looked to buy Snapchat for $3 billion recently, but now the messaging company is valued at $10 billion. Would FB stock holders still love a sale at that level? More 

5 Key Battlefields in the War Between Google and Samsung

The War Between Google and Samsung has spread across multiple markets, and moves like SSNLF’s Tizen could eventually affect GOOG stock. More 

Amazon App Store Giveaway: Get $100 in Android Apps for Free

Amazon is giving away 30 apps, which would normally cost $100, for free through its App Store as part of a two-day deal. More 

Amazon Feud: AMZN Tells Hachette to Lower E-Book Prices

Amazon is telling Hatchette that it wants the publisher to lower the price of e-books in an effort to sell more and make more money. More 

Amazon News: AMZN to Bet $2B on the Online Retail Boom in India

Amazon (AMZN) announced plans to expand its presence in India on Wednesday with a $2 billion investment. More