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WATCH: New Amazon Drone Delivery Video

A new Amazon drone delivery video shows off a hybrid drone that takes off vertically and then flies horizontally to delivery packages. More 

This Is What Amazon’s Cyber Monday Win Means for AMZN Stock

Valuation insanity aside, AMZN stock is poised to benefit from yet another successful Cyber Monday advertising campaign by spinning the day's success into much, much more. More 

5 Best Wireless Speakers to Buy for the 2015 Holidays

In this edition of our holiday gift guide, we explore 5 of the best wireless speakers for 2015. More 

5 Reasons Amazon Stock Is a Buy Even at Record Highs

Amazon stock has already doubled in 2015. But that doesn't mean it's too late to invest in the e-commerce giant. Here are five reasons why. More 

Is Microsoft Stock a Buy in 2016? – MSFT Pros & Cons

Microsoft stock is up nicely in the last 12 months and MSFT should go higher in 2016 thanks to cloud sales and Windows - yes, WINDOWS. More 

5 Stocks to be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Let's give thanks on this Thanksgiving to these 5 stalwarts who've done a lot for shareholders during the course of another topsy-turvy year. More 

Amazon and Alibaba Will Fight for This Prize in 2016

Groupon has been battered since its 2011 IPO, but Amazon or Alibaba may be on the hunt to acquire GRPN stock in 2016. More 

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Successfully Launches Rocket

Blue Origin, which was founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has completed a test flight and landing of its New Shepard two-part rocket. More 

Possible Amazon Password Leak Results in Forced Resets for Some

A possible Amazon password leak has some users passwords being reset by the online retailer as a safety precaution for users. More 

7 Stocks That Investors Should Be Thankful For

Markets have been volatile this year, but these seven picks have strong growth and big-time gains investors should be thankful for. More