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Amazon Prime Adds Free Same-Day Delivery, Inc. is offering free same-day shipping to Amazon Prime members that live in 14 cities in the United States. More 

Price Drop: Amazon Fire Phone Gets Even Cheaper

The Amazon Fire Phone just dropped in price once again. The phone is now $179, including a year of Prime. More 

Amazon Hiring 6,000 Full-Time Workers Across U.S.

An Amazon hiring spree will have the company adding 6,000 full-time employees to its distribution centers in the United States. More 

Comcast Stock Surrounded by Too Much Static (CMCSA)

Comcast stock could be at a peak as the federal government may make it tough for CMCSA to find more growth. More 

Amazon Prime Movies: New Releases for June 2015

The June selection of Amazon Prime movies includes 'The Shining' and 'Apocalypse Now.' See what else is in store. More 

eBay Is Testing a Service Similar to Amazon Prime

eBay is testing a subscription service similar to Amazon Prime in Germany. It would cost between $17 and $22. More 

Amazon vs. Google – Who Will Win?

AMZN and GOOG stock are at odds, with Amazon and Google both fighting for e-commerce, ads and cloud biz. Which tech stock will win? More 

Maria Renz Nabs Job to ‘Shadow’ Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Maria Renz has landed the role of shadow for, Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos, which makes her the first woman to have done so. More 

Google Stock (GOOGL) in Trouble as Mobile Ad Wars Heat Up

Google gets the majority of revenue from ads. And with AMZN, FB, VZ and Spotify making a run at mobile ads, GOOGL stock might be in trouble. More 

Literata: GOOG Develops New Default Font for Google Play Books

GOOG has released a new font for Google Play Books called 'Literata' that will replace the Droid font family for e-books. More