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Amazon Prime New Releases for September 2014

Amazon Prime Instant Video is getting new movies and series in September that will include media for both kids and adults. More 

Investing in Drones: Impracticality Could Prevent Profits

Drones may change the world ... but not anytime soon. In fact, some of the apparent "drone stocks" really qualify as drone stocks. More 

4 e-Commerce Stocks to Sell Now

For the current week, the overall ratings of four e-commerce stocks are worse, according to the Portfolio Graderdatabase. Each of these rates a "D" ("sell") or "F" overall ("strong sell"). More 

New Amazon Pilots: Watch All 5 Shows Free on AMZN Prime Instant Video

Amazon has released five new pilots on its Prime Instant Video service for free and is letting users vote on their favorite Amazon pilots. More 

GOOG, AMZN: Google Joins Amazon in Drone Delivery Tests

Google, announced on Thursday, that it's working on a drone-delivery system that differs from Amazon's drone-delivery plans. More 

AMZN’s Zocalo: 5 Things to Know About the Amazon File-Sharing Service

Amazon has is making Zocalo, its file-sharing and storage service, available to everyone and users will be able to share any type of file. More 

AMZN Stock Stinks as Fire Phone Flops and Amazon Buys Twitch

The Amazon Fire Phone flop and $1 billion deal to buy Twitch likely won't help AMZN stock turn around anytime soon. Sell Amazon! More