Anthony Mirhaydari

Stocks Set Records, But Warning Signs Flash

While the bulls seem to have the apparent upper hand, technical indicators as well as weakness in emerging markets are screaming for caution. More 

3 ETFs to Fight the Fed’s Inflation

California's drought woes will apply heavy pressure to prices, and the Fed won't do much until inflation gets out of control. In the meanwhile, here's how to protect yourself. More 

Central Banks Have Spoken: Inflation Is Coming

Justification of cheap-money stimulus by any means ensures that steeper inflation lies ahead. And the market is reacting in kind. More 

Gold, GLD Surge on Fed Easy-Money Pledge

For the first time since last summer, precious metals and funds like the GLD have entered a new uptrend as Janet Yellen keeps the cheap money flowing. More 

3 Solar Stocks That Are Melting Away

With emerging-market economies more focused on avoiding a currency meltdown, green energy projects are being moved to the sidelines -- setting up a renewed bout of selling pressure in solar stocks. More 

Nasdaq Crumbles as the Selloff Gets Serious

The sellers are dumping everything not tied down, and on Monday, that included the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite. More 

Fed Taper Deepens a 1997-Style Crisis

The Federal Reserve's taper situation is so far from normal, it's difficult to tell how we get back. After all, the longer the bubble persists, the more painful the fallout. More 

No, China Isn’t ‘Fixed’

China's stick save of the Credit Equals Gold trust problem doesn't solve the issues bubbling up in the backwaters of China's financial system. More 

5 Reasons to Fear the Market Selloff

Trouble in emerging markets, U.S. earnings reports are among several worries that should have all investors on the defensive right now. More 

3 Steel Stocks That Are Melting Down

The sector is rolling over again as China continues to let steel capacity go unused. Consider shorting or at least selling these three steel stocks. More