Anthony Mirhaydari

3 Airline Stocks to Sell or Short

The current bout of turbulence shaking AAL and other airline stocks makes them attractive short-selling targets More 

4 Reasons the Selloff Will Continue

Friday's wipeout in tech, biotech and other momentum stocks has continued into Monday and threatens to last even longer. Here's what's wrong, and here's how to play further weakness. More 

The Market’s Uptrend Is Under Fire

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3 Breakout Gold Stocks to Buy

Russia's potential annexation of Crimea and severe currency devaluation are sending safe-haven assets like gold and gold stocks higher. Here are three gold stocks to buy. More 

Gold, Silver Miners Will Shine Again

Gold, silver and miners have had a nice run, and a number of drivers are setting up to help further bolster their fates ... but for now, keep your distance. More 

The S&P 500 Topped 1850! So, Now What?

The Federal Reserve put its nose in the news and helped drive the S&P 500 to a new record close. But it's not all sunshine and lollipops. More 

Stocks Set Records, But Warning Signs Flash

While the bulls seem to have the apparent upper hand, technical indicators as well as weakness in emerging markets are screaming for caution. More 

3 ETFs to Fight the Fed’s Inflation

California's drought woes will apply heavy pressure to prices, and the Fed won't do much until inflation gets out of control. In the meanwhile, here's how to protect yourself. More 

Central Banks Have Spoken: Inflation Is Coming

Justification of cheap-money stimulus by any means ensures that steeper inflation lies ahead. And the market is reacting in kind. More 

Gold, GLD Surge on Fed Easy-Money Pledge

For the first time since last summer, precious metals and funds like the GLD have entered a new uptrend as Janet Yellen keeps the cheap money flowing. More