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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the hottest tech stocks on Wall Street. As such, there is no shortage of Apple news — or rumors — relating to Apple sales or profits, or the latest changes to the iPad, iPod and iPhone.

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Recent Articles

The Real Positives in Apple’s iPad Announcement

Though some consider the upgrades to Apple's iPad to be merely incremental, the tablet’s 4G compatibility could play out in hugely profitable ways. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Watch May Enter Manufacturing in January

Tuesday's Apple rumors include possible manufacturing information for the Apple Watch, the release of OS X Yosemite Golden Master and more. More 

Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6 to Go on Sale Oct. 17 in China

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 in China on October 17, which is almost a full month after the device's initial release. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: iOS 8 May Have a Security Flaw in QuickType

Monday's Apple rumors include a possible security flaw in iOS 8, rumors of a 27-inch iMac and the estimated cost of an Apple Watch screen. More 

Are the Apple-Ireland Tax Headlines Much Ado About Nothing?

Apple has been the subject of news headlines over its tax dealings in Ireland, but do they amount to anything or is it just hot air? More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6, 6 Plus Don’t Support HD Audio

Friday's Apple rumors includes the appearance of HealthKit apps, being able to see which apps drain battery life in iOS 8 and more. More 

FBI Angry at Apple, Google for Making Smartphone Data Too Secure

The FBI isn't happy with the level of security being offered to users of Google and Apple's devices and says it goes 'beyond the law.' More 

Apple (AAPL) Downplays Reports of iPhone 6 Bending

Apple claims that cases of the iPhone 6 Plus bending in pockets are rare and that it put the device through tests before its release. More