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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the hottest tech stocks on Wall Street. As such, there is no shortage of Apple news — or rumors — relating to Apple sales or profits, or the latest changes to the iPad, iPod and iPhone.

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The Real Positives in Apple’s iPad Announcement

Though some consider the upgrades to Apple's iPad to be merely incremental, the tablet’s 4G compatibility could play out in hugely profitable ways. More 

AAPL iPad Sales Are Down: How AAPL Can Fix the iPad 6

Consumer sales are slowing but enterprise has potential for AAPL if it moves to include mouse support in iPad 6. More 

What Is a Stock Split?

If you've heard about the Apple (AAPL) 7-for-1 stock split and want the quick 'n' dirty explanation of a stock split, look no further. More 

AAPL: Apple Stock Down Ahead of Earnings

AAPL stock is down 1.31% after closing Wednesday ahead of the company's quarterly earnings report which exceeded analysts' estimates. More 

Yahoo Search Aims to Dethrone Google on AAPL Devices

YHOO is trying to get AAPL to ditch Google in favor of Yahoo Search on iPhones and iPads. But does it really have a chance of being successful? More 

15 Apps For Your iPhone Better Than The Ones Apple Made

Your iPhone comes with a bunch of standard apps right out of the box. But since the App Store launched, developers have found ways to improve on the basics. Here are 15 examples... More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Debut Delayed Until 2015

Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone 6 won't launch until 2015; Google to pick up some Samsung patent trial expenses; and Apple releases Heartbleed patch for Airport. More 

Nest Thermostat May Be Coming to Google Play

The Nest thermostat, which learns heating and cooling schedules to adjust temperatures automatically, was briefly listed on Google Play's support page. More