AAPL Stock News

Minecraft – Not MSFT Rocket Fuel, But a Smart Deal Nonetheless

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is trying to further entrench the software giant as a gaming powerhouse with his purchase of Minecraft maker Mojang. More 

AMZN Stock Still Is Doomed – Sell Amazon

AMZN stock is down 17% this year, and Amazon will continue to suffer as it launches poor products and suffers weak margins. More 

Why You Should Care About Wednesday’s Bond-Rattling

Weakness in bonds can benefit stocks, sure ... but that's assuming we're in a normal economic cycle. And we're not. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple May Be Ready to Buy Path

Wednesday's Apple rumors include short Watch battery life, users getting iOS 8 early and a possible deal between Apple and Path. More 

Apple Pay Is the Secret Star in the New Lineup

The iPhone 6 and Apple watch are nice and all, but the real gem is Apple's new mobile wallet technology. Apple Pay could be a gamechanger. More 

BlackBerry (BBRY) Passport Sets Its Sights on the Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6

Does the BlackBerry Passport stand any chance against the new iPhone 6? More 

Apple Innovation Ain’t Dead; Long Live AAPL Stock

The Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and lack of competition in innovation secure Apple's lead in the tech space and make it a strong stock to buy. More 

AAPL Stock – Analyst Brigade Goes on Upgrade Parade

Plenty of analysts see more upside in AAPL stock, but some were thoroughly unimpressed with the latest iPhone and the Apple Watch. More 

iPhone for Life: What to Know About the New Sprint Leasing Program

Sprint (S) is creating a new smartphone leasing program called iPhone for Life. Here's what you need to know about it here. More 

AAPL: Apple Lowers iCloud Pricing

Apple has announced that it's lowering the price for storage on its iCloud services, but it's still more expensive than Google and Dropbox. More