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GOOG Raises Google Chrome Bug Bounty Up to $15,000

Google Chrome's bug bounty program has been raised to $15,000 from a $5,000 maximum for serious issues discovered with the software. More 

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10

Microsoft skips 9, unveils Windows 10 with a UI that adapts to different devices and restores familiar mouse-driven Windows desktop to PCs. More 

The Google Orkut Shutdown Is Happening Today

Google Orkut, the company's first attempt at a social network, is closing today, but users can still do some things with the service. More 

5 Best Stocks to Buy for Q4 and Beyond

These five stocks are set to soar in Q4, regardless of what the macroeconomic picture looks like. Buy now before they jump. More 

Pebble Steel Review: A Smartwatch With a Week-Long Battery

Check out our Pebble Steel review to find out how the smartwatch with a week-long battery stacks up to the competition. More 

Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates Google’s 16th Birthday

Today's Google Doodle marks the Menlo Park, California company's 16th birthday. For investors in Google's IPO, early conviction could've reaped nearly 1,000% over the years. More 

FBI Angry at Apple, Google for Making Smartphone Data Too Secure

The FBI isn't happy with the level of security being offered to users of Google and Apple's devices and says it goes 'beyond the law.' More