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GOOG News: 5 Things to Know About the New USB Google Security Key

Google has announced that it's adding extra security with its Google Security Key, a physical USB that uses Universal 2nd Factor protocol More 

Do Samsung’s Smartphone Woes Signal Trouble Ahead for Apple Margins?

The iPhone 6 release is masking pressure on smartphone margins, but Apple may eventually find the iPhone is a less profitable commodity More 

AAPL Turns to Local Businesses to Improve Apple Maps

Apple Maps Connect is an update that allows small business owners to update their information on the tech company's mapping service. More 

What the Death of the Apple iPad Means for AAPL Stock

Apple iPad sales were disappointing this past quarter. Is this the death of the Apple iPad? And what does it mean for AAPL stock? More 

Google (GOOG) Invests in Augmented Reality Startup Magic Leap

Google has invested into an augmented reality startup, Magic Leap, and one of its members will join the startup's board. More 

GOOG Stock: 4 Things to Know About the Google Earnings Miss

Google earnings disappointed investors last week, but is the latest slide even more reason to snag some shares of GOOG stock? More 

GOOG: Google May Test High-Speed Wi-Fi

Google may be preparing to test out a new high-speed wi-fi service that can transport gigabits of date over a millimeter-wave frequency. More 

FB News: Facebook May Overtake YouTube as Video King

Facebook is taking on YouTube for rights to the video king throne on its social media platform and it looks like it might just win. More 

Apple iPad Weakness a Serious Threat to AAPL Stock

AAPL stock is soaring in 2014, and a recent Apple iPad event hopes to grow its tablet sales. But if the new iPad falls flat, so will AAPL. More 

Google Stock Shrugs Off a Disappointing Quarter (GOOG, GOOGL)

If nothing else, the market's muted reaction to a weak earnings report underscores the bullish sentiment on Google stock. More