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What If Google Is Actually *Weak* In Search? (GOOG)

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Why Google Stock Dropped Today (And Why the Sellers Are Wrong)

Miss or no miss, Google stock is still the holding to beat in the technology sector for investors will to wait more than just a few days for gratification. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Yahoo Wants to Become Apple’s Default Search Engine

Yahoo wants to become the iOS default search engine; Apple to integrate song recognition in iOS 8; and Apple may boost its share buyback program next week. More 

The Smartphone Kill Switch Is Coming in 2015

The hyped smartphone kill switch -- which would remotely disable a smartphone and wipe its data -- is set to become standard by 2015. More 

The 5 Best Tablets for Getting Work Done

The iPad Air may be great at games but it’s also on our list of the best tablets for actually getting work done More 

#TeamCotton: White Google Glass Sells Out in One-Day Sale

White versions of Google Glass sold out in the on-day sale that took place on Tuesday that allowed anyone in America to buy the face-mounted computers. More