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New Google Glass Features Snap-On Design

Google has started releasing a new version of Google Glass that can snap onto almost any pair of glasses to select businesses. More 

Amazon Dash Buttons: AMZN Offers Push-to-Buy Buttons for $5

Amazon is now selling 'Dash Buttons', which allow owners to order items with the push of a button, for $5 a piece to Prime members. More 

Google Translate App Adds 20 More Languages

Google Translate has expanded to add more than 20 languages that you can access in video text translation. More 

Verizon Brings HBO Now to Its Internet Customers

Verizon has announced that it's bringing HBO Now to its internet customers for $15 a month and that it will also be coming to Go90. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6s May Include New Camera and Force Touch

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a reported number of Music subscribers, Music being added to T-Mobile's Music Freedom program and more. More 

Verizon Go90: 6 Things to Know About the Mobile Video Service

Verizon Go90, the wireless carrier's video streaming effort, may be on its way in the near future with test coming in summer. More 

Why GOOGL Shareholders Should Embrace the Google+ Failure

GOOGL investors are witnessing the end of Google+ as we know it. Here's why they should celebrate. More 

7 Tech Stocks That Can’t Lose

These seven tech stocks should keep on winning thanks to brand power and industry dominance that can’t be rivaled. More 

Google’s Calico, Team Up to Study DNA, Aging

Google's Calico is teaming up with to study DNA and aging in an effort to unlock the secrets to a longer life. More 

YouTube Mobile App to Get Major Makeover

YouTube’s mobile app is getting a major makeover that includes vertical video and 360 degree immersive video. More