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Would You Pay to Make Google Ads Disappear?

A new service called Contributor gives you the option of making Google ads disappear for as little as $1 per month. More 

It’s All-Go For a $4.5 Billion GoDaddy IPO

GoDaddy is looking ahead to a 2015 IPO but there are a number of potential competitors standing in its path, including GOOG, WWWW and DMD. More 

6 Reasons Facebook Stock Will Soar

Facebook stock is a solid long-term buy thanks to CEO Mark Zuckerberg's long-term vision and his ability to execute on his plans for the future. More 

Best Smartphone to Buy Now

We list choices for the best smartphone to buy now for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry fans. More 

Wowzer! Yahoo to Replace Google as Default Firefox Search Engine

Yahoo will be taking over the role of default search engine in Mozilla Firefox from Google as part of a new five-year deal. More 

Why Google Glass Will Never Propel GOOG Stock

Google Glass is looking more and more like an abject failure. But did GOOG know it would fail the whole time, and does it matter? More 

Best Tech Gifts: Holiday Gadget Buying Guide

Check out some of the best tech gifts for 2014 in our holiday gadget buying guide. We've got everything from drones to headphones. More 

REPORT: Google Play (GOOG) May Be Coming to China

Google's (GOOG) app store Google Play may be coming to China soon, despite the tech company's past comments on Chinese authorities. More 

Twitter Search: What the New Update Allows Users to Do

Updates to the Twitter search feature now allows users of the social media platform to see every Tweet ever made via searches. More 

Facebook Groups App: 5 Things to Know

Facebook Groups is a new app for the social media company's Groups feature that was released on Tuesday for Android and iOS devices. More