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Google Flights: 5 Things to Know About the New Travel Tool

Google has launched a new tool called Flights to make traveling easier. Here are five things to know about it. More 

Google Blogger Won’t Ban Porn After All

Google Blogger will continue to allow porn after backlash from users changed the company's mind before the new policy went into effect. More 

GOOG Puts Cash to Work in $300 Million SCTY Deal

Google (GOOG) and SolarCity (SCTY) struck a $300 million deal Thursday. Here's why the tax-equity venture is bullish for both stocks. More 

Google Pays Whopping $25M for .app Web Domain

Google paid $25 million for the .app domain name and is signed up to bid on several others being auctioned off by ICANN. More 

FCC’s Net Neutrality Ruling Is Immaterial to ISP Stocks

Net neutrality is a win for content providers and consumers, a loss for cable companies and telcos, and a non-starter for investors. More 

BBRY: It’s Time for BlackBerry to Stop Selling Phones

BBRY has partnered with GOOG to provide security software for Android at Work. It's finally time for BBRY to exit the handset market. More 

Google Stock: Still Bullishly Postured, Still Worth Buying

The recent rally in Google Inc (GOOGL) has brought it back to its 200-day moving average. Momentum should push Google stock higher. More 

Samsung Buys LoopPay to Outfit Galaxy S6 Against Apple Pay

Samsung bought LoopPay and if it shows up as a mobile payment system on the Galaxy S6, Apple Pay has less to worry about than Google Wallet. More 

Google, SolarCity Team Up to Bring Solar Panels to Average Joes

Google and SolarCity have teamed up to bring solar panels to homeowners who can't afford current solar energy rates. More 

GOOG: Why YouTube Doesn’t Matter for Google Stock

The lack of profitability of YouTube comes with important lessons for more than just Google stock investors. More