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Google Nexus 6 Rumors: A 5.9 Inch ‘Shamu’ Phablet?

The Google Nexus 6 has been nicknamed 'Shamu,' and the phone is believed to have a massive 5.9-inch screen. More 

Zillow Buys Trulia – But Investors Should CASH OUT NOW

Zillow acquired Trulia for an all-stock deal, but the premium paid plus previous valuation problems make this merger a no-go. Sell now! More 

Hook ‘em Young – Google Flings Chromebooks, Chromeboxes at Education

Google's savvy strategy: Put Chromebooks and Chromeboxes in front of youngsters and offer cheaper options to cash-strapped college kids. More 

Why Yahoo Might Never Be ‘Mobile’ Enough (YHOO)

Yahoo's latest acquisition of ad targeting and analytics firm Flurry makes sense and is a necessary move, but YHOO is too far behind in the mobile race. More 

Google (GOOG) Reportedly Buying Twitch for $1B

Google (GOOG) is reportedly buying Twitch for $1 billion. The announcement is expected to come in the near future. More 

Google Baseline: 5 Things to Know About the GOOG Healthy Human Project

Google is working on a new study, called Baseline, in an effort to help it better understand what makes a human body healthy. More 

Zuckerberg Earns $1.6B in One Day from FB Stock Surge!

A surge in FB stock earned CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg $1.6 billion, bumping his net worth above Jeff Bezos and Google's co-founders. More