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6 Industries Threatened by Driverless Cars

Driverless cars may sound like a win for consumers, but the technology poses a major threat to a number of industries. More 

Twitter Periscope: 5 Things to Know About the New Live Video App

Twitter, announced on Thursday, that it's launching its Periscope app, which allows users to live stream video to their followers. More 

3 Disruptors: Buy Tomorrow’s Technology With Today’s Stock

The economic impact of disruptors is expected in the trillions by 2025, and these are the stocks to invest in as these innovations take off. More 

5 Things to Know About New Google CFO Ruth Porat

Following current Google CFO Patrick Pichette's retirement, Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat will be joining the company to take over the role. More 

GOOG, FB, TWTR: Who Will Win the Battle for Mobile Ads?

Growth in mobile advertising is expected to exceed $28 billion this year. Here's a look at how the major players -- GOOG, FB and TWTR -- will capitalize on the mobile mega-trend. More 

Are Wall Street’s 10 Biggest Stocks Also the 10 Best Stocks?

The biggest stocks by market value aren't always the best stocks for your portfolio. But then, they sure didn't get that large by generating lousy returns. More 

Pony Express: Google Working on Gmail Bill Pay Service

Google is working on a way to allow Gmail users to pay bills through a service called Pony Express that will launch late this year. More 

Eric Schmidt: Google Glass Is Not Dead

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says Google Glass isn't dead and that the device is being prepared for a public release. More 

Burger King Chicken Fries Return (for Good!)

Burger King Worldwide has announced that it's adding Chicken Fries as a permanent menu item after years of rotating it on and off the menu. More 

Twitch Data Breach: Amazon Alerts Gaming Site Users of Hack Attack

Amazon, announced on Monday, that video game streaming service Twitch has been hacked and users' information may have been stolen. More