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Facebook Messenger Adds ‘Stranger’ Clues for Your ‘Other’ Messages

FB is adding a new feature to Facebook Messenger that will help identify people users aren't friends with using public information. More 

Amazon vs. Google – Who Will Win?

AMZN and GOOG stock are at odds, with Amazon and Google both fighting for e-commerce, ads and cloud biz. Which tech stock will win? More 

Google Search Results to Include Tweets From Twitter

Google searches will now include tweets from Twitter. The feature will be available on desktops and mobile devices. More 

Google Stock (GOOGL) in Trouble as Mobile Ad Wars Heat Up

Google gets the majority of revenue from ads. And with AMZN, FB, VZ and Spotify making a run at mobile ads, GOOGL stock might be in trouble. More 

Literata: GOOG Develops New Default Font for Google Play Books

GOOG has released a new font for Google Play Books called 'Literata' that will replace the Droid font family for e-books. More 

Microsoft: No Free Windows 10 Upgrade for Pirated Versions

Microsoft Corporation won't be offering a free Windows 10 upgrade for pirated software, but it will offer paid upgrades. More 

Apple’s Latest Buyout Could Be About More Than Just Apple Maps (AAPL)

Apple's (AAPL) purchase of Coherent Navigation should help Apple Maps, but the company's high-precision GPS could speak to Apple's automotive aspirations. More 

Windows Apps: Microsoft’s iOS and Android Windows 10 Gamble

With iOS and Android apps on Windows 10 mobile, will that kill off native Windows apps and make quality the problem instead of quantity? More 

The Google Self-Driving Car Is Ready to Be Tested on Public Roads

The Google self-driving car will be showing up on public roads this summer as the company move forward with testing the vehicle. More 

Sell or Short the ‘Trinity of Tech’ NOW — AAPL, FB, GOOGL

Three of Wall Street's most-loved tech stocks -- Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB) -- could all be in for a few weeks of rough waters. More