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3 Stocks to Buy to Win the Machine Learning Megatrend

Machine learning is rapidly expanding, and investors who want to get in on the trend should consider GOOG, NVDA and IBM as stocks to buy. More 

Mobile Payments News: Wells Fargo Wallet Coming This Summer

The Wells Fargo Wallet app will be launching this summer and it will work with NFC terminals for users with Android devices. More 

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL): Allo Chat Privacy Concerns Are Way Overblown

Allo, Google's new chat app, is receiving flak because encryption is opt-in. Are users really as incompetent as privacy extremists assume? More 

FB Continues Virtual Reality Push With New Oculus Team

Facebook has announced that the company has assembled a virtual reality team for its Oculus division that is set to be stationed in London. More 

Apple Inc.: AAPL Is Losing Its High-End Mojo

If Apple can’t find a way to regain its innovative edge and grow the high-end market, AAPL stock will eventually have to target the mass market for growth. More 

3 Stocks to Watch on Monday: Alphabet Inc (GOOG, GOOGL), Monsanto Company (MON) and Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)

Monsanto (MON) is moving on a buyout bid by Bayer (BAYRY), Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) enhanced its mobile search and Tesla (TSLA) explains when a China factory would be in the cards. More 

The Big Reason You Shouldn’t Buy GOOGL, AMZN or FB Stock

GOOGL, AMZN and FB stock will be lucky to add 30% of peak upside over the next five years, yet could have a long way to fall. More 

IMAX Corporation (USA) to Open Virtual Reality Theaters in 6 Cities

IMAX has announced plans to open virtual reality theaters in six cities starting in 2016 and the first one will be located in Los Angeles. More 

Alphabet Inc’s Virtual Assistant Is Coming to 2 New Products (GOOG)

Alphabet's Google (GOOG) is in the middle of its annual I/O conference. And some very cool virtual assistant-powered products are coming. More 

Fitbit Inc: This Could Be the Catalyst FIT Stock Needs

Fitbit's acquisition of payment-startup Coin could signal a change in focus from hardware to services, which is exactly what FIT stock needs. More