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Andy Rubin Out: Android Creator Quits Google (GOOG)

Android creator Andy Rubin is quitting his executive position at Google (GOOG). He plans on launching his own startup. More 

Samsung Will Revamp Phones, But Not the Galaxy S5

Samsung phones face surging Chinese competition. So, Samsung's plan to revamp is aimed at low-end models rather than the Galaxy S5. More 

Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates Halloween 2014

Google is celebrating Halloween 2014 with a new Google Doodle that has the letters that make up its name running from a werewolf. More 

Google Glass Banned in ALL Movie Theaters in America

Google Glass has been banned from all movie theaters in the United States due to updated anti-piracy policies against wearable devices. More 

Is Google Stock Becoming a Healthcare Stock?

Google stock isn't likely to ever predominantly be a healthcare stock, but that's not to say healthcare won't be a key piece of its revenue. More 

5 Big-Name Tech Stocks to Sell NOW

If you own any of the following five big-name tech stocks, consider moving your money before the next leg down. More 

Nexus 6 Review: Google Goes Big

Our Google Nexus 6 review reveals a massive phablet with powerful hardware and a huge display that shows off Android Lollipop More 

YouTube Considers Letting Users Pay for an Ad-Free Version

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is considering an ad-free version that would be available to those willing to pay a subscription fee. More 

Twitter (TWTR) Pulls Google Glass App

Twitter has pulled its app from Google Glass without explanation and those with the app will no longer get support from the company. More 

Google Doodle Honors Polio-Vaccine Creator Jonas Salk

Google celebrated the 100th anniversary of Jonas Salk's, the creator of the polio vaccine, birth with a Google Doodle on Tuesday. More