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Germany Pushes Google to Reveal Its Secret Search Algorithm

Germany is trying to get Google to give up the secret algorithm behind its searches and how it ranks website with that algorithm. More 

ORCL – 3 Things to Watch for in Oracle Earnings

Here are three things to watch in Oracle earnings if you’re evaluating whether ORCL stock deserves a place in your portfolio now. More 

6 Things to Know About the Google Android One

Google has launched the Android One, its first low-cost smartphone, in India and it will be coming to other emerging market in 2014. More 

Google (GOOG) Continues Leading Driverless Charge

Google, the indsutry leader in driverless vehicles, continues to make significant developments in the technology. More 

Microsoft (MSFT) Had Busy Summer With Bing Ads

Bing Ads has undergone many successful changes over the past few months. More 

Microsoft (MSFT) to Buy Creator of Hit Video Game Minecraft

Microsoft has announced that it will buy Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, for $2.5B, but the founders of the company are leaving. More 

Google Offers Startups $100K in Cloud Credits

Google, announced on Friday, that it's offering eligible startups $100,000 in Cloud Platform credits, 27/7 support and more. More