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GOOG May Toss in Towel on Google Barge Plans

It's looking like Google's barge plans may be heading for Davy Jones' locker as one of its two barges is set to be scrapped. More 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Review: Attacking the iPad Head-On

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Here’s How Google Android Is Taking Over the World

Google Android market share is now a staggering 85% of all smartphones sold. Here's what it means for GOOG stock -- and for Apple & MSFT. More 

Will Facebook Buy Snapchat for $10 Billion?

Facebook looked to buy Snapchat for $3 billion recently, but now the messaging company is valued at $10 billion. Would FB stock holders still love a sale at that level? More 

GOOG: 5 Things to Know About Spain’s Proposed ‘Google Tax’

A proposed Google Tax in Spain could have the search giant and other online new aggregators paying up for summarizing stories. More 

FB News: Facebook Brings Free Internet to Zambia

Facebook has launched an app in Zambia that allows users to access several other apps without have to worry about data charges. More 

5 Key Battlefields in the War Between Google and Samsung

The War Between Google and Samsung has spread across multiple markets, and moves like SSNLF’s Tizen could eventually affect GOOG stock. More