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Grexit Panic Delivers Stocks’ Worst Beating Since 2013

Greece has had its say, and it says it won't make its next IMF payment. The markets were rocked in response Monday, and more selling is coming. More 

Look for Bargains in Big Caps

If the market's advance is to continue, large-cap stocks will have to catch up. More 

The Bull May be About to Stumble

Prices will probably head slightly higher, but not enough to chase them. More 

The Russell 2000 Has a Message: Stay Strong, My Friends

The Russell 2000's recent outperformance of the S&P 500 has us optimistic about a potential last hurrah for the broader markets. More 

Time to Buy Banks

As we move closer to a rate hike, traders should focus their money here. More 

Trade of the Day: iShares Russell 2000 (IWM)

Wednesday's spike above 1,260 on the small-caps was encouraging, which is why today I am recommending call options on the IWM. More 

Clouds Gather, but Dollar Remains Key for Now

Movement in the greenback will largely determine the near-to-medium-term outcome for stocks. More