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McDonald’s McMuffin to Drop Liquid Margarine, Add Real Butter

The McDonald’s McMuffin recipe is changing as the company will switch from using liquid margarine to real butter. More 

Denny’s Offers to Join Burger King in ‘Peace Burger’

Denny's is offering to take McDonald's place in Burger King's 'Peace Burger' by combining the Whopper with its own Slamburger. More 

McDonald’s, Tyson Cut Ties With Abusive Chicken Farmer

McDonald's and its supplier have cut ties with a chicken farmer who implements abusive practices in his farm. More 

The Top 10 Dow Dividend Stocks for September

We've got the 10 best Dow dividend stocks for September, ranked by dividend yield. Good luck finding solid companies that reward shareholders like this! More 

McWhopper: McDonald’s Says No to Burger King’s ‘Peace’ Burger

Burger King wants to make peace with McDonald's with a hybrid burger called the 'McWhopper', but MCD isn't into biting on the proposal. More 

McDonald’s Memo May Have Leaked Android Pay Launch

McDonald’s may have accidentally released the launch date of Android Pay through a memo distributed to its managers. More 

5 Blue Chips to Sell on “Pump-and-Dump” Fears

Monday's blood-letting could very well extend into the coming weeks and even months. These blue chips look particularly weak in this environment. More