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3 Winded Tech Stocks to Short

Market corrections can last for a while, which can mean lots of opportunities for those looking for stocks to short. More 

MSFT Stock: Microsoft Is Killing It Under Our Noses

MSFT stock has been pulled lower like everything else has of late, but a closer look at this company suggests the lull is a buying opportunity for a greatly underestimated organization. More 

New Apple TV: Will Consumers Actually Shell Out $149? $199?

Whether Apple can convince people to pay $149 or $199 for the new Apple TV depends on whether it’s marketed as a streamer or a game console. More 

Back to School 2015: Tablet vs. Laptop

"Tablet vs. laptop" is a dilemma faced by parents during the back-to-school 2015 rush -- we provide answers about which device to choose More 

Rumor Debunked: The Xbox One Mini Is NOT Happening

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One Mini is nothing more than a rumor--the console is not happening. More 

MSFT Stock – Microsoft May Soar on Strength of Windows 10

Microsoft has seen 75 million downloads of Windows 10 in less than a month, a huge boon for MSFT stock and reason to buy before a breakout. More 

Facebook M: Meet FB’s New Siri-Like Virtual Assistant

Facebook has debuted its own virtual assistant in the form of "M", which relies off of real people to complete certain tasks. More 

AMZN Stock – Is Amazon Giving Up on Hardware?

Amazon layoffs at Lab126 mean loss-leader gadgets may be in question. Does it also mean the future of AMZN stock is in trouble? More 

Back to School: Chromebook, MacBook or Windows Laptop?

In this back-to-school guide, we explore whether a Chromebook is a better choice than a MacBook or Windows laptop for students More 

Xbox Live Gold: Free Xbox Games for September 2015

Xbox Live Gold subscribers get four free games for download each month. Check out the September lineup here. More