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How Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Stock Can Squeeze $26B From LinkedIn

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is on a roll, but it has to extract $26.5B out of LinkedIn to give MSFT stock holders the value they deserve. More 

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Microsoft: ‘Second’ Windows 10 Update to Come Late in 2017

Microsoft (MSFT) has announced more details for its second Windows 10 update, which may be released to the public sometime this coming fall. More 

Fitbit Inc Reports Putrid Fourth-Quarter Earnings

Fitbit (FIT) put together a dud of a Q4 that missed on the top and bottom lines, but FIT stock is actually rising Wednesday in response. More 

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Why Small-Caps Remain Some Of The Top Stocks To Invest In (MMYT)

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The Technology Sector Won’t Give Up Its Dominance

Technology stocks like Apple (AAPL) and Facebook (FB) aren't being driven up on thin air. Real results and tangible tailwinds are doing the work. More 

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Stock Could Win Big With ‘Windows Cloud’

Microsoft (MSFT) has a potentially revolutionary new operating system in the works. But investors may need to see more before buying in. More