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Russell 2000: Play the IWM ETF Long … Then Short!

The Russell 2000 ETF, the IWM, is at a technical juncture that gives it clearly defined lines -- good for trading should markets get volatile in coming months. More 

Stocks Fall, Oil Slammed as Greece Votes ‘No’

Greece's rejection of a public referendum is a big victory for its prime minister, but U.S. crude oil was a big loser when stocks traded today. More 

Stocks Lower Ahead of Greek Vote

Stocks fell on Thursday, the last day of trading before Greeks go to the polls for a referendum on the terms of repaying the country's debts on Sunday. More 

Stocks Push Ahead as Greek Proposal Questioned

Stocks rose slightly today in a quiet day on the market, as all eyes remained on Europe and the terms of Greece's proposed bailout. More 

The Russell 2000 Has a Message: Stay Strong, My Friends

The Russell 2000's recent outperformance of the S&P 500 has us optimistic about a potential last hurrah for the broader markets. More 

Stocks’ Volatility Surges as Traders Fear the Worst

An ominous feeling descended over stocks Monday as the situation surrounding the Greek bailout negotiations made no progress over the weekend. More 

Stocks Trim Gains as IMF Quits Greek Talks

Greece appears headed for default and Saudi Arabia said it will increase oil production. Despite the mixed news, stocks pushed higher today. More