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The Alibaba IPO Windfall Raises 2 Big Problems for YHOO Stock

The Alibaba IPO, the largest IPO in history, could actually cause problems for Yahoo -- an Alibaba investor -- when shares go public next week. More 

3 Battered ETFs. 1 Fund Worth Saving.

Three big-name defensive sectors have been lagging the market in a big way for months, but one is worth picking up off the ground right now. More 

Wall Street Bristles at Big Ben: Wednesday’s IP Market Recap

Following news that the Fed planned on continuing its easing policies, Ben Bernanke indicated QE could be tapered by mid-2014, and stocks dropped off as a result. More 

China Grinds Markets to a Halt — Monday’s IP Market Recap

Reports of slower growth in China overshadowed a seeming return to Merger Monday and sent U.S. markets significantly lower. More 

Monday’s Mega-Deals: U.S. M&A Is Back

Dish Network's bid for Sprint and Thermo Fisher's deal with Life Technologies continue a run for U.S. M&A that should hopefully keep the cycle of market confidence rolling. More 

Sprint Shares Jump on $25.5B Dish Network Takeover Bid

Dish Network has issued a $25.5 billion bid for wireless carrier Sprint, topping an earlier offer from Japan's Softbank. More 

7 Biggest M&A Deals of 2012

Another slow year for deals, but it ended with a bang: Fourth quarter was the hottest period since 3Q 2008. So, there's hope for better in 2013. More