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Is it Time For A Trend Change In TIPS?

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Vanguard to Launch Short-Term TIPS Bond Funds

Vanguard is expected to move into a short-term TIPS fund and ETF in the fourth quarter and two new international funds/ETF's in 2013 based on investor demand More 

Investors in TIPS Funds Might Face a Rude Awakening

If you hold TIPS exchange-traded funds for inflation protection, you should think twice. You might be getting just the opposite. More 

4 Tips for Income Investors

These are tough times for income focused investors as interest rates have dragged down monthly cash flow and staying out of trouble has never been so hard More 

3 ETF Strategies to ‘Greek-Proof’ Your Money

As Greece edges ever closer to default, there’s plenty of gloom and doom to go around. Protect your portfolio with these three ETF tips. More