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Buy Oil — Just Don’t Chase It! (USO)

The USO ETF rallied nearly 5% on Tuesday, causing plenty of technically constructive action on its charts in multiple time-frames More 

Stocks Drift as Government Shutdown Looms

With the Federal Reserve's "hike or no hike" decision ending anti-climatically last week, Wall Street turns its attention to the rising odds of another government shutdown. More 

Give Oil a Try – The USO ETF Is a Buy

The United States Oil Fund LP (ETF) rallied nicely since August and is building a better bottom. Here's how to play the USO ETF. More 

OPEC Says Low Oil Prices Are Killing the U.S. Shale Boom

OPEC's strategy of keeping oil prices low with record oil output is finally catching up to higher-cost domestic producers. More 

American Airlines: AAL Stock Is a GREAT Long for the Rest of 2015

American Airlines (AAL) stock has shown better price action of late. That and continued low oil prices should support AAL stock through 2015. More 

Stop the Madness — Oil Prices Won’t Go to $20!

Goldman Sachs (GS) warns us that $20 oil prices could visit us if things get worse. Please, do yourself a favor and ignore this vacuous drivel. More 

Oil Price Spike Delivers Opportunity to USO Traders

The oil price rebound could have some legs. Here's an attractive USO option play to profit from the bottoming action in crude. More