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Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Market Capitalization Reaches $700B

Tuesday's Apple Rumors include a possible switch from Google for Safari searches, scratches on iPhone 6 displays and more. More 

It’s All-Go For a $4.5 Billion GoDaddy IPO

GoDaddy is looking ahead to a 2015 IPO but there are a number of potential competitors standing in its path, including GOOG, WWWW and DMD. More 

Wowzer! Yahoo to Replace Google as Default Firefox Search Engine

Yahoo will be taking over the role of default search engine in Mozilla Firefox from Google as part of a new five-year deal. More 

Biggest Movers in Technology Stocks Now – ATVI DWRE HIMX SUNE

More broadly, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 0.1%, the Nasdaq increased 0.4% and the S&P 500 climbed 0.1%. More 

Yahoo Mail Problem: YHOO Is Aware of Outages

A Yahoo Mail problem has prompted many angry responses from users. The company is working on fixing the problem. More 

4 Yahoo M&A Deals With Big Potential

Yahoo has been on a buying spree in recent years. We look at four deals that have the biggest potential for YHOO stock. More 

The Push for an AOL-Yahoo Merger Grows Stronger

There has been a push by several investors fro Yahoo and AOL to merge, but Tim Armstrong doesn't see it happening any time soon. More