Man Who Beat Investing Greats: “This Is The 1 Stock All Retirees Must Own.”


Growing up a child prodigy in mathematics, Louis Navellier was seemingly destined for the quantum physics labs at MIT or mission control at NASA.

But that all changed in college when he found he could direct his gift with numbers towards analyzing the stock market.

Navellier immersed himself in the world of finance and never looked back…

He became so good at trading stocks, he soon found himself a college-aged millionaire.

And not too long after, managing his own multibillion-dollar investment firm — where he found many of today’s brand name tech companies when they were trading for peanuts…

Like Apple, which he found when it was trading for only $1.49 per share.

Chart: Apple Gains 15,475%!

Intel, which Navellier found at 40 cents per share…

He uncovered Amazon when it was a $46 stock.

Chart: Amazon Gains 4,334%!

Cisco when it was trading for only 47 cents per share…

And Marketwatch called him “the advisor who recommended Google before anyone else.”

As you can imagine, early calls like these led to extraordinary returns for Navellier. In fact, over a 15-year period his investment fund turned every dollar into $41 — a 4,000% return that bested even Warren Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha.” In recent years, his model portfolios have also trounced several other investing legends including Ray Dalio and David Einhorn.

As great as his past track record has been, Louis says a new technology he discovered recently will dwarf anything he’s found before…

Over the next few years its set to usher in $15 trillion in new wealth.

Making it bigger than PCs, the internet, smartphones… Microsoft, Apple, or Google.

You see, unlike new technologies he’s uncovered in years past — this technology is going to radically transform not one but just about every major industry across on the planet.

Its already started to upend the automotive industry, the healthcare industry, and the energy industry, just to name a few…

And the best part is: Navellier has identified a little-known company at the center of it all.

He says: if you’re at or near retirement age its stock is a “must buy.”

In fact, he recently put together a presentation with the full details.

But I should warn you: what Mr. Navellier has to say is controversial… this new technology is already starting to radically alter many aspects of our everyday lives. And many of the facts in his presentation aren’t being reported in the mainstream press. But for the time being, you can view it, by clicking here.


*All investing involves risk of loss.*

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