3 Easy Tactics for Extra Income I Bet You’ve Never Considered

Income. We could all use more of it, right?

That’s probably why every genius with a blog and a mailing list is out there hawking his own “passive income” technique.

But when you look into it, a lot of common income methods require a major “down payment.” That’s certainly true on Wall Street, where clients start out wealthy, then create more wealth.

Don’t get discouraged by that, though. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just forget about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Think about what Ordinary Joes spend their money on.

There’s a lot of value in everyday goods and services. And much of this value is delivered with little to no effort. So, it may as well be you!

Here are three factors to keep in mind – you can follow any and all of these to a potentially surprisingly lucrative income stream.

Income Tactic #1: Collect “Convenience Fees”

When you first started saving, you probably looked at your spending habits, and did your best to banish hidden expenses. The classic example is skipping the $4 cup of coffee at Starbucks. But these days, a lot of folks are “cutting the cord” (canceling their pricey cable TV packages), or becoming “extreme couponers.”

But there’s a reason the rest of us do shell out that cash.

And that’s because the spending goes toward some sort of convenience. The coffee, TV shows, or full-priced retail items are already there, waiting for us. Many people are too busy to pass this up – or don’t have the patience. They’ll pay a little more for this convenience.

For those seeking income, those hidden fees are a gold mine – if you’re on the right side of them.

All over the world, ordinary folks who are “in the know” are building their own mini “banking empire” to collect these convenience fees. Again, this money has to go into someone’s pocket; it may as well be yours.

Income Tactic #2: A Modern-Day Treasure Hunt

It’s fun to watch movies where swaggering pirates swordfight each other over a treasure chest.

But none of us would ever think of sailing the high seas in search of gold coins and priceless jewels.

Instead, we’ve got to look a little closer to home.

I’m not talking about anything crazy. Just a growing trend in local communities: the farm-to-table movement. You can turn a quiet walk outdoors into potentially a few thousand dollars in extra income – if you know where to look.

Income Tactic #3: Do Good and Make Money

Some of us need income that we can make from home.

This next strategy doesn’t involve leaving the house. But it does require thinking about another form of everyday spending:

Consider how much money goes into creating livable communities. All of us want a nice, clean, yet vibrant city to visit, work, or call home. And, yes, there’s an income stream in that, too.

When I start talking about “investing in the community,” it might sound like paying taxes.

Nope. This is a very straightforward way of investing for income. In return, Uncle Sam will even thank you by giving you a BREAK on your taxes. You can do this all over the country, simply by making 3 smart buys.

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This is all very simple in theory, right? So why isn’t everyone doing it? Mostly because no one ever showed them how.

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*All investing involves risk of loss.*

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