Surprisingly, This Is America’s Richest ZIP Code

I recently took a trip to America’s wealthiest ZIP code.

I doubt you have any idea where it is.

It’s not in Beverly Hills… Manhattan… Palm Beach, or any other place you might expect. It’s not near a beach, or even close to a golf course.

In fact, if you don’t already live in this ZIP code, you’ve probably never even heard of this place.

Why did I go?

Two reasons…

First, to meet up with the man who has found more 1,000% stock market winners than anyone else I know of.

To date, this guy has found an incredible 40 investments that have returned 1,000% or more! I don’t know of anyone else on or off Wall Street who can come even close to this number.

The second reason I traveled to America’s richest ZIP code is because this place holds a key secret that could impact investors who get in front of the trend.

This is a fascinating story that could help make the difference in your retirement.

We recently put together a presentation with the full details.

But I should warn you: what Eric Fry has to say is controversial…And many of the facts in his presentation aren’t being reported in the mainstream press. But for the time being, you can view it, by clicking here.

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About Fry’s Investment Report

With Fry’s Investment Report, Eric Fry’s goal is to track the world’s biggest macroeconomic and geopolitical events – and help investors make big gains from those emerging opportunities. Eric is a 30-year international finance expert, former hedge fund manager, and InvestorPlace’s resident expert on global investment trends. He founded his own investment management firm and served as a partner several others. In 2016, he won the Portfolios With Purpose stock-picking contest – Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competition – making him America’s Top Trader.

*All investing involves risk of loss.*

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