America’s #1 Stock Picker on the Recent Market and the 25 Stocks You Should Sell Now


Eric Fry may be the best stock picker in America…

He recently won one of America’s most prestigious investment contests, against legendary billionaires such as Bill Ackman and David Einhorn…

To date, he’s also found 40 investment opportunities in which folks could have made 1,000% gains or more following his recommendations…

And incredibly, he’s also accurately predicted the collapse of more than 70 stocks, including…

• Ariba (fell 99% in a year after his prediction)
• Cisco (fell 75% in a year after his prediction)
• Softbank (fell 51% in the year after his prediction)
• Flextronics (fell 71% in the two years after his prediction)
• JDS Uniphase (fell 75% in the year after his prediction)

I’m telling you all of this because right now, Eric Fry says there are 25 stocks you must sell immediately, if you have money in the markets.

The recent plunge in the stock market has already sent the shares of many of these 25 stocks tumbling.

Fry says these companies were doomed long before the market started plunging on March 9th. And he believes that for all of these companies, it’s only going to get a lot worse.

To explain the situation in full, Eric Fry traveled to America’s richest zip code, and went live on camera, to detail what you need to know, and next steps you should take.

Get the facts for yourself and learn more about the 25 companies you should sell immediately, on our website, here…

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About Fry’s Investment Report

With Fry’s Investment Report, Eric Fry’s goal is to track the world’s biggest macroeconomic and geopolitical events – and help investors make big gains from those emerging opportunities. Eric is a 30-year international finance expert, former hedge fund manager, and InvestorPlace’s resident expert on global investment trends. He founded his own investment management firm and served as a partner several others. In 2016, he won the Portfolios With Purpose stock-picking contest – Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competition – making him America’s Top Trader.

*All investing includes risk of loss*

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