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Money Moves for Recent Grads: Creighton Professor Robert R. Johnson

'People should be lauded for paying down student loans. However, making that the only financial priority is misguided.'

Money Moves for Recent Grads: Clemson Professor Josh Harris

'Most graduates will probably be more risk averse regarding their savings and budgeting due to Covid-19.'

Money Moves for Recent Grads: UT Austin Professor Michael Sury

'Borrowers should not, however, confuse minimizing their monthly payments with saving money. Minimizing payments is not the same as minimizing interest.'

Money Moves for Recent Grads: MSU Professor Stephen Schiestel

'It is important to look at the benefits package that an employer is offering when considering job offers. Make sure that you have some health care options, disability insurance coverage and retirement savings plans.'

Money Moves for Recent Grads: Michigan Professor Paolo Pasquariello

'Likely, unscrupulous people will advise you to invest most of your money in stocks because you are young and retirement is decades away. Your answer should be that being young does not mean being stupid; no less than 35% of your money should be invested in (government) bonds.'