Andrew Burger

Andrew Burger

Andrew Burger has been reporting on finance, the economy and international markets with a focus on mineral and energy resources, information technology and telecommunications, and renewable energy and clean technology for the past five years.

His first exposure to the world of financial markets came in the late eighties during London’s “Big Bang.” Having spent 5+ years’ working for the New York branch of a major Japanese bank, he also now works as an English teacher.

Andrew graduated from the University of Colorado with an undergraduate degree in geology, and he has earned an MBA in finance from Pace University’s Lubin Graduate School of Business in New York City.

Recent Articles

Gold, Silver Down to Close Out Losing Week

No definitive actions were taken by the U.S. or eurozone central banks to contain the eurozone debt/credit crisis.

Fed, Economic Data Drive Gold, Silver Lower

The Fed decided to refrain from doing anything more in the way of monetary easing than extending its "Operation Twist" open market operations.

Gold, Silver Lower As FOMC, G-20 Meet

Germany and eurozone leaders agree to use emergency funds from the European Stability Mechanism and European Financial Stability Facility to buy bonds of troubled member nations in the open market.

Gold, Silver Turn Lower as FOMC Meets

And eurozone leaders at the G-20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, aim to forge a "more integrated financial architecture."

Gold, Silver Higher on Greek Election Results

Greece's center-right New Democracy party won, raising hopes that it will be able to form a coalition government with the third-place Pasok socialists.