Beth Gaston Moon

Beth Gaston Moon

With more than a decade of experience as a financial journalist and market analyst, Beth Gaston Moon writes about stocks and options from her home in Chicago, IL.

Beth began her derivatives-market career in the research department of Cincinnati-based newsletter publisher Schaeffer’s Investment Research. She started by copy-editing The Options Advisor (the nation’s leading options newsletter) and soon began writing daily market commentaries for

After more than a decade with Schaeffer’s, Beth served as senior editor for PEAK6 Media, composing scripts, trading ideas and articles for The Options News Network. Most recently, she was the senior content and product manager for retail brokerage OptionsHouse.

In 2004, Beth was recognized as a “Woman in Finance” by Money Show Digest. Her market comments have appeared in several media outlets, including Dow Jones Newswires, CBS MarketWatch, Money Show Digest and Reuters. She has also been a contributing author for and Active Trader and Stocks, Futures & Options magazines.

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