Brian Hunt

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A Strategy for Buying Elite Businesses at Bargain Prices

When you buy a car or a house, you don't want to embarrass yourself by getting ripped off. Yet... when people invest, the idea of paying a good price is often cast aside.

The Shortcut for Finding the World’s Best Businesses

Out of the more than 5,000 publicly traded businesses, less than 5% of them meet this high standard of quality.

The #1 Way to Invest for Retirement

What I’m going to share with you is a “secret” in the sense that few people use it. It’s really an “open secret.” Nobody has it under lock and key. It’s hiding under an invisible blanket of common sense. When you start putting this secret to work for you, you’ll "graduate" into a higher class of investor.

The Secret of High Stock Market Returns

The respected investment research firm called Ned Davis Research produced a study that shows why investors should care A LOT about dividends. Understanding this data can make you rich. Not understanding it can cost you years of wasted effort and lots of money.

Introduction: The Financial Empire Builder Series

InvestorPlace CEO Brian Hunt explains how readers can take control of their lives, and have real freedom, by taking control of their money.