Jason Moser

Jason Moser

Jason Moser is a senior analyst with The Motley Fool. He’s also been known to fire off a Tweet or ten about almost anything at @TMFJMo. When he’s not knee-deep in 10-Ks you can catch him talking shop on The Fool’s daily podcast, Market Foolery as well as their weekly radio show, Motley Fool Money. You’ll also see or hear him offering up his two cents in various media outlets around the country, particularly during earnings season.

Born and raised in Charleston, SC Jason learned about investing (and golf) at a young age thanks to his father which ultimately led him to study economics at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. After graduating in 1995 he pursued a life of golf as a PGA club professional in South Carolina and Maryland for seven years before deciding to transition into work as a loan officer with Bank of America. Thanks to his wife’s job with the State Department, the couple then spent five years abroad working at the US embassies in Cairo, Egypt and Astana, Kazakhstan, and it was one fateful day in Kazakhstan where Jason first discovered The Motley Fool; he knew immediately he was hooked. Once back in the states at their home in Georgia Jason worked with Travelers Insurance before landing his dream job with The Fool almost six years ago and he and his wife and two daughters moved up to Fairfax, Virginia where they reside today.

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