Jessica Whitmore

Jessica Whitmore

About Jessica Whitmore

Jessica Whitmore started her career as a freelance writer in the eighth grade. As part of her school’s speech team, she decided to try researching and writing her own speeches for competition. She continued to research, write and compete each year through graduation. Those original speeches, along with her ribbons, medals and trophies, are tucked away in a safe spot.

Those days of researching, writing and sharing her insight developed into pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and a Master of Arts in Communication. Since earning those degrees, she has worked as a writer with nonprofits, publishing companies, small businesses, professional organizations, Internet-based companies and individuals. Her writing has appeared in magazines, newspapers and corporate documentation along with being posted online.

When she isn’t writing, she is enjoying life with her husband and two sons. A life that also includes sports, superheroes and leadership. Follow her on Twitter at @jmwhitmore or visit her online at

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