Jon Ogg

Jon Ogg is co-founder and editor for 24/7 Wall St.

Jon has worked as a news analyst for nearly 10 years and also has experience as a broker, portfolio manager and investment adviser. He has been sourced for articles in CBS MarketWatch, E*Trade, TradeTheNews, FlyOnTheWall, Pristine, Evolution Trading, Knova Trading, Hammerstone,, Seeking Alpha, Google Finance and other sites.

Prior to 24/7 Wall St., he formed News Contrast and was the founder of a service for active traders called TradeTheNews (which he sold in 2003) and built up a news desk that was merged into E*Trade. He also worked in Copenhagen, Denmark as a portfolio manager for European clients trading U.S. equities and ran the event-driven trading team there.

He has been a financial adviser and has advised start-up and emerging-stage companies, and started his career as a licensed broker selling fixed income to some of the largest investment managers in the United States. He received a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Houston (1992).

Jon does not hold any positions in any stocks he writes about.

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