Kenneth Fick

Kenneth Fick

Kenneth Fick is a freelance business writer and financial expert with more than a decade-and-a-half of experience in helping companies from startups to Fortune 500s solve their most complex business problems.

With a background in accounting, management consulting, financial reporting, corporate finance and investing, Kenneth writes from the perspective of a battle-tested corporate insider. He utilizes the knowledge gained from years of experience working in the internal operations of various companies — helping them turn their business ideas into reality — to provide actionable insight to readers. His commentary is insightful and clear, helping readers decode the complex world of finance and distill it into readable, actionable knowledge.

Kenneth’s work has appeared in several high-profile web and print publications, he is a licensed CPA, and he holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary. When not consulting or working on other projects he focuses on writing for his blog,, which provides in-depth commentary and education in the world of financial forecasting.

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