Luce Emerson

Luce Emerson

Luce Emerson is a former sell-side banker with a broad range of capital markets experience. She continues to follow markets closely, with a particular focus on retail, financials and entertainment.

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ROKU Stock Has a Catalyst in International Growth

Management understands that scale and a large, diverse customer base are key elements to improving advertising revenues. In an ever-crowded domestic media market, Roku is smart to look beyond the U.S. to diversify those income channels.

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There are many sin stocks that are bargains now, but these three stocks to buy stand out from the rest. Here's why.

It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Stay Bearish on Tesla Stock

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock had a definitive moment of reckoning—month of reckoning may be more appropriate—in May with shares down a precipitous 25 percent. Since that bottoming out, shares have rebounded nicely with a better-than-expected second quarter

Why Now Is the Time to Get Long Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis shares are well off the highs in March, but it looks like the tides could be changing for this Canadian cannabis producer. As it becomes clearer to the market that Aurora is best-in-class in terms of product innovation, production capacity, and overall footprint, shareholders are primed to watch their investments appreciate.

Bank of America Stock Is Worth Grabbing When It’s Cheap

The robust earnings of BAC stock combined with relative undervaluation should see that this imbalance does not persist for long.