Many academics claim investing is a “random walk”. We believe this to be only partially true. It is our core belief that value investing can outperform the market, hence the name “ValueWalk”. Your No. 1 source for breaking news and evergreen content on everything value investing and hedge funds.

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Analysts expect the PlayStation 5 launch to come before the Xbox Scarlett, giving Sony (SNE) a nice head start over Microsoft (MSFT).

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Cryptocurrencies seek to level the playing field across global economies and allow the transfer of money to move faster, unaffected by fees and regulations. Q1....

O’Leary and Holmes Are Both Right About Gold and Gold Stocks

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, and Frank Holmes recently took different side the gold(bullion) vs. gold stocks. Gold and gold stocks are two different asse....

Google Will Now Also Earn From Your Shopping Searches

Alphabet has now found a new way to monetize its Google search engine. The search giant already earns by displaying ads related to a search you made. Now,....

5 Dividend Growth Stocks Raising Dividends More Than 10% in 2018

Investors looking for stable dividend stocks, should consider the consumer goods industry. As opposed to more volatile industries like technology or industrial...