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Despite promising metaverse news from recently launched gaming application Pavia, Cardano is down today. Cardano price predictions are hot.

Cardano Needs Help Getting Out of Its Steep Dive, but It Could Be a Contrarian Buy

Cardano needs help getting out of its steep dive, but it could be a contrarian buy. Now might be a good time to buy ADA-USD as it is usually very hard to call a bottom in a falling asset price.

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Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will ADA Go After a Big Crypto Crash?

Cardano price predictions are bullish as experts eye a promising future for this breakout crypto of 2021. ADA may be heading to the moon.

Buying Cardano Below $1.20, Is Playing With Fire at Best

With Cardano recently touching down to the $1.12 level, it’s playing a dangerous game that could see the coin slip further.

Cardano Is a Buy on Aggressive 2022 Network Growth Plans

Unlike many of the altcoins out there, Cardano has mapped out an exciting path to ensure it gains strength in the new year.

Cardano Trades Too Close For Comfort to Call It a Discount

While Cardano is trading at a steep discount relative to its highs, it could drop even further as the crypto market weakens.

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ADA Crypto Price Predictions Heat Up Thanks to Samsung Initiative

ADA crypto price predictions are hot this week as the Cardano network fuels the execution of Samsung's climate-change project.

Despite Crypto Market Uncertainty, Cardano Is Still a Buy at Today’s Prices

Consider Cardano a long-term play to buy as it remains beaten down. It's making big progress improving its functionality. News of high developer activity is also an encouraging sign. Put it all together, and this altcoin's prospects are still bright.

Future Hydra Upgrade Makes Cardano a Speculative Buy

Cardano is expected to launch its Hydra upgrade in late 2022 or early 2023. Is that too long to expect prospective buyers of ADA-USD to wait?

Cardano Sets Itself Apart From Ethereum With Its Academic Approach

While Cardano's research-reliant approach might be less exciting, its steadiness could help it gain an edge over Ethereum.

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