7 Cryptocurrencies Under $2 That Could Be The Next Bitcoin

You can still pick growth coins from the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies. These 7 cryptocurrencies to buy all trade for less than $2.

Cardano Has Bounced Back, Which Means It’s Time to Wait for a Pullback

It's tempting to think that the bull run in Cardano will go on forever, but it makes sense to exercise caution even if you're optimistic.

Why You Don’t Want Cardano to Hit $10

While some analysts are forecasting some wild upside targets for Cardano, investors should think about the implications.

Cardano Could Soon Cool, But the Long-Term Bull Case Remains

All bets are off whether recent speculation can continue, but increased appreciation of its utility bodes well for Cardano in the long term.

Cardano (ADA) Price Predictions: Where Will ADA Go Next After Hitting All-Time High?

Cardano (ADA-USD) is seeing major gains on Thursday pushing it to an all-time high and we're looking at price predictions for the crypto.

Cardano Is Already Demonstrating Real-World Utility

Cardano is a cryptocurrency proving that it is the real deal. Learn about it enterprise news which strengthens its case here.

Cardano Is at the Forefront of the Decentralized Finance Movement

Cardano is volatile, like any other cryptocurrency or altcoin, giving speculators plenty of trading opportunities ahead

Believe in Gold and Cash? You Can Also Believe in Cardano

Central banks gave gone nuts with the QE and Cardano is part of the solution. Crypto is like financial bunkers to shield global wealth.

Even the Bears See Gains for Cardano as ADA Keeps Bouncing Higher

Consensus estimates suggest that crypto bulls will continue to invest in Cardano and continue its stellar run at the market

Amid the Crypto Boom, Cardano Is a Compelling Choice

Cardano is a cryptocurrency with limited exposure but promising fundamentals. ADA-USD may be the way to get in on the crypto boom.

Cardano (ADA) Africa News: What Is the Big Cardano Catalyst Coming Today?

Some pretty intriguing recent Cardano (ADA) Africa News has sent ADA on a nice rally in past trading sessions, as investors price in growth.

Hold Cardano and Do Not Trade

The latest cycle of the bull market in altcoins has made Cardano a leader

Recent Developments Highlight the Promise and Peril of Cardano

Two pieces of news highlight both the potential of Cardano, and just how difficult it may be to recognize that potential.

Is Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson About to Get Even Wealthier?

Cardano is up 650% year-to-date. That’s made founder Charles Hoskinson very wealthy. Will he get even wealthier over the remainder of 2021?

ADA-USD: Cardano Momentum Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Cardano is rising due to the general euphoria surrounding the crypto space, but a close look at ADA shows there are other reasons to be bullish on this altcoin.

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So what did the stock market do today? All eyes are on recovering crypto prices and the upcoming capital gains tax announcement.

Cardano Easily Could Pick Up Momentum and Keep Rolling Here

Investors in Cardano may indeed view the recent 25% discount to its peak as a buying opportunity, given the unique blockchain model of ADA.

7 Non-Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now

Most people are familiar with Bitcoin at this point, but these altcoins have just as much upside potential as Bitcoin right now -- or more.

After This Month’s ‘Flash Crash,’ Now’s the Time To Snap Up Some Cardano

ADA-USD bottom line: it's still risky, so approach cautiously. But, even after the "flash crash," consider Cardano a buy at today's prices.

Why Is Crypto Down Today? 3 Reasons Cryptos Are Coming Off Record Highs

A major blackout in China and fears of government bans have cryptocurrency prices heading lower to start the week.