Cardano, Smart Contracts, a Twitter Beef and a $50,000 Bet

Cardano has a huge opportunity if it can launch smart contracts soon. But there is growing skepticism around Cardano's development timeline.

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These Ethereum competitors have some unique features and have the potential to challenge Ethereum's supremacy.

Cardano Is More Sustainable Than Its Proof of Work Competitors

Cardano was designed from the ground up as a proof of stake cryptocurrency, giving it a natural advantage as it adds new features.

Long-Term Crypto Investors Should Have Cardano in Their Wallets

As Cardano becomes a growing hub for DeFi and DApps, ADA-USD could reach new highs. The altcoin defines the third generation of crypto.

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Cardano Is Volatile, But Its Long Term Potential Is Huge

Cardano has multiple growth catalysts at this time, which will continue to pushing its price higher this year and beyond

Cardano Has a Robust, Encouraging Roadmap for Future Development

Cardano gives investors tangible reasons to believe that ADA will be around for the long haul. And in an asset class where coins are sent “to the moon” on a lot less, those reasons may be enough to consider an investment. 

7 Cryptos With Major Upgrades Ahead

It may be too early to say. But the upgrades for these established coins and altcoins, along with pending enhancements to several others, could bring a return to a bull market for cryptos in the months ahead. So, what are some of the major upgrades set to go live in the immediate future? These seven may (or may not) have an impact on the market's overall direction: Cardano Bitcoin Dogecoin (CCC:DOGE-USD) Ethereum Classic (CCC:ETC-USD) Ethereum Neo (CCC:NEO-USD) Stellar Lumens (CCC:XLM-USD)

Cardano Should Move Significantly Higher as Ethereum Rebounds

Look for Cardano crypto to move higher as Ethereum recovers. Cardano could rebound as it rolls out smart contracts to compete with Ethereum Dapps.

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New Partnerships Aside, Cardano Is Still All About Utility

Cardano just announced two partnerships as it continues to work on the Alonzo upgrade. Is either of them good for ADA holders?

These Catalysts Could Push Cardano’s ADA to New Heights

Recent positive press is already improving awareness of Cardano and widespread adoption, and there's certainly more good news to come. Especially as the release of Cardano smart contract functionality gets closer — toward the end of Summer — we expect to see even more attention directed toward this leading altcoin.

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The entire cryptocurrency market has suffered during the last couple months, but Cardano has had solid recovery compared to its peers.

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