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Stay Away From Cardano Amid General Crypto Weakness

For at least the next six months, Cardano's weaknesses are likely to be more important than its strengths. ADA-USD investors should sell the cryptocurrency.

Buy Cardano If It Slides Further Post-Alonzo Hard Fork

If crypto traders continue to sell the news, take the opportunity to enter or add to a position in high-utility altcoin Cardano.

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Because Cardano tends to be a cryptocurrency traded by the people, you’ll want to avoid assuming that it moves like Bitcoin.

Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will ADA Go After Its Latest Hard Fork?

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Dear Cardano Crypto Fans, Don’t Forget About the Alonzo Hard Fork on Sept. 12

The Cardano crypto is not finished just yet. The new third-largest crypto ever is preparing for its biggest upgrade yet, coming this weekend.

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Cardano Price Predictions Head Higher Thru September on Alonzo Progress

Cardano is only going to move higher this month as it recently broke through a milestone at $3. ADA-USD is now toe to toe with ETH and SOL on the strength of the Alonzo upgrade.

Cardano Is Worth a Look in Case of a Post-High Retreat

It's still risky, and subsequent near-term gains could be less massive than ones seen by traders who got back into it early. But ahead of the Alonzo mainnet debut, Cardano remains a buy.