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Tablet Battle Takes to the Skies

UAL brought tablets to the skies in 2011 when it bought iPads for its pilots. But now, Apple products are losing ground to devices from MSFT and SSNLF. More 

Don’t Go Crazy Over an AMR-US Airways Deal

Investors win if a merger keeps an airline out of bankruptcy, but the post-merger share performance of the new entities -- and their volatility -- is nothing to be excited about. More 

American Airlines Finds Cause of Loose-Seat Scare

Faulty clamp installation appears to be the cause of the recent spate of loose seats on American Airlines flights. More 

Apple’s Passbook Gains Traction With Retailers

From Walgreen's to Target and American Airlines to United, the new discount and loyalty program app is gaining ground. More 

10 Major Brands That Will Disappear in 2013

This list reflects the brutally competitive nature of certain industries and the reason why companies cannot afford to fall behind in efficiency, innovation or financing. More 

P&G Will Shed 5,700 Workers

Many of the cuts, some 10% of the consumer-products giant's total workforce, will be in its huge marketing department. More 

Boeing and Airbus Have a Perception Problem

Reports Of A380 and 787 production flaws could make safety-worried passengers shun the new high-tech planes that are key to both manufacturers' fortunes. More