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The Growing Threat to the Service Industry

Millions of Americans have lost jobs due to technological advances. Those are only the beginning, as we move away from a service industry More 

Burger King Rolls Out (VERY) Spicy Chicken Fries

Burger King is launching very spicy Chicken Fries—so spicy that they will offend you, according to the burger chain. More 

Which Country Is Getting the Burger King Red Burger?

Burger King is debuting a red burger in Japan in honor of Samurais. A chicken sandwich version will also exist. More 

Where Burger King Is Testing Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs

Burger King is testing hot dogs and corn dogs, which cost $1.99 and $1.49 cents respectivly, in select areas of Michigan and Maryland More 

YUM Stock: KFC Brings Back Colonel Sanders to Spice Up KFC

KFC has revived Colonel Sanders in an attempt to rebrand KFC stores and extend the rally in YUM stock. More 

3 Sizzling Burger Stocks to Bite Into Now

These three burger companies -- RRGB, HABT and SHAK -- have the ingredients investors are looking for. More 

Fight for $15: Fast Food Workers Across US to Protest Wednesday

The fight for $15 an hour minimum wage is in full force today as protests spread to 200 cities in 30 countries across the world. More