The popular meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin (CCC:DOGE-USD) continues to deliver “much wow” as it climbs the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization list and hits new high after new high.

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Dogecoin, Zillow, Coinbase and Nvidia were our top stock trades for Tuesday. So, let's look at how the charts are setting up now.

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Many are wondering just how far the pupcoin frenzy will take Dogecoin, the original meme coin. Here are some expert Dogecoin price predictions.

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Dogecoin is the crown ruler of meme cryptos to this day, thanks to its huge 2021 gains. But just how big were these gains for DOGE holders?

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AMC’s Adam Aron Is a Critical New Dogecoin Supporter

Companies taking Dogecoin as a form of payment is always good news for the cryptocurrency, and AMC's support is great news for the token.

7 Cryptos to Watch Closely Amid Questions of the Market’s Future

Although cryptos are making big waves yet again, a careful mitigated approach is necessary since the sector can turn on a dime.

AMC Starts Accepting Dogecoin for Giftcards After DOGE Prices Skyrocket

AMC starts accepting Dogecoin today, and shareholders are surely quite happy. Adam Aron is beginning the long crypto payment rollout process.

Dogecoin Price Predictions: How High Can Elon Musk’s Puppy Take DOGE?

Here's what the experts think in terms of Dogecoin price predictions, for one of the most volatile meme tokens out there right now.

With Dogecoin Down in Popularity, Expect Robinhood Stock to Drop

A huge chunk of Robinhood's revenue last quarter came from crypto transaction fees. With crypto popularity down, HOOD stock should follow.

3 Crypto Coins to Consider in the Mad Dash for E-Gold

Crypto coins are here to stay, so investors who choose to ignore them are actively avoiding a very lucrative modern asset class.

Are NFTs Coming to Dogecoin? 9 Things to Know About the Big Vision Lifting DOGE Today.

Investors are wondering this week about the possibility of NFTs coming to Dogecoin. DOGE's founder is tweeting about his big ideas.

7 Cryptos That Are on Red Alert As China’s Ban Shifts the Paradigm

With China banning cryptos, the entire blockchain sector appears to be at an inflection point, thus incentivizing caution. With the world’s second-largest economy out of the digital asset game, it’s time for crypto investors to tread carefully.

Don’t Touch Dogecoin Despite Flaky Tweets From AMC CEO

Dogecoin remains a hot topic as AMC CEO Adam Aron gave it some fuel recently. Don't bite at what he's offering.

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Dogecoin may have captivated excited investors, but there are plenty of exciting Robinhood stocks that offer a better buying opportunity.

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Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tesla and Costco were our top stock trades for Monday. Let's look at the charts as volatility comes to life in cryptos.

Risk/Return is Not in Your Favor With Dogecoin Now, So Stay Away

Whether bullish or bearish on the crypto market's next direction, one thing's certain: stay away from Dogecoin. DOGE-USD gains didn't last into September as other cryptos rose.

Dogecoin Prices Bark Higher as AMC Eyes DOGE Payments for Movie Tickets

Today, an intriguing tweet by AMC CEO Adam Aron about the potential for allowing DOGE as payment for tickets has sent Dogecoin prices higher.