3 Reasons Why Ethereum Classic Could Win in Shift of Proof Protocols

While Ethereum’s move to proof of stake is exciting, it also supports the case of Ethereum Classic as a potential hedge. A small bet on ETC-USD could be warranted.

7 Cryptos to Sell Right Now Before They Die

Crypto is moving up again, but most coins are only riding Bitcoin's momentum. Drop these cryptos to sell before they plummet back to Earth.

If Billionaires Own Ethereum Classic They’re Keeping Pretty Quiet About It

Investors follow the portfolios of billionaires. That’s not easily done when it comes to cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic.  

As The Upgrade Wraps Up, Still Hold Off on Ethereum Classic

Much remains in play that could sink cryptos further. But even if a recovery is on the horizon, there's little to suggest that buying Ethereum Classic is the way to play it. Stick to buying Bitcoin, or the higher-utility altcoins, if you believe a rebound will soon happen.

Ethereum Classic Should See Big Gains From the Magneto Upgrade

Ethereum Classic stands to gain handsomely after its first major update is rolled out this month for the so-called "original Ethereum."

Why Ethereum Classic Could Benefit From Ethereum’s New Validation Method

Ethereum Classic could benefit from Ethereum's new validation method fork. Ethereum Classic crypto could rise after Ethereum's new validation fork unless some miners don't participate.

Ethereum Classic May Be It Again

Off and on the price chart, Ethereum Classic may just have what it takes to be the Ethereum of choice for investors, miners and developers.

7 Cryptos With Major Upgrades Ahead

It may be too early to say. But the upgrades for these established coins and altcoins, along with pending enhancements to several others, could bring a return to a bull market for cryptos in the months ahead. So, what are some of the major upgrades set to go live in the immediate future? These seven may (or may not) have an impact on the market's overall direction: Cardano Bitcoin Dogecoin (CCC:DOGE-USD) Ethereum Classic (CCC:ETC-USD) Ethereum Neo (CCC:NEO-USD) Stellar Lumens (CCC:XLM-USD)

Don’t Count On Ethereum Classic Even After the Magneto Upgrade

Instead of bouncing back after its hard fork completes July 21, Ethereum Classic could continue to flounder, or worse, trade lower.

Ethereum Classic Might Have Its Namesake Beat In One Area

While Ethereum Classic is undoubtedly a risky cryptocurrency to consider, its underlying fundamentals are surprisingly positive. Consider ETC-USD among your risk-on crypto ideas.

A Great Year and DeFi Compatibility Are Reasons to Buy Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a unique alternative to Ethereum, and Wrapped ETC allows users to participate in DeFi transactions.

What Will the Stock Market Do Today? 3 Big Stories to Watch.

Good morning and welcome to the stock market today! Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is still driving news after its Federal Trade Commission victory and another round of...

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Predictions: How High Can Magneto Take the ETC Crypto?

The ETC-USD price is on the rise after developers set a July deadline for key improvements in the project. Ethereum Classic (ETC) price predictions show a December low-high of $67.50-$83.80.

7 Crypto Assets to Watch as the Market Turns Red

Cryptos have been getting weaker over the trailing month, and the bearish implications can no longer be denied. Keep an eye on these assets.

Ethereum Classic Will Remain Volatile, So Participate in It Carefully

Ethereum Classic is influenced by both Ethereum and Bitcoin, so observant, careful investors can make significant money trading it.

Wrapped Ethereum Classic Is Not My Idea of DeFi Nirvana

In November 2020, Ethereum Classic Labs released Wrapped ETC. It joined the race to develop decentralized finance apps. Should you buy it?  

Ethereum Classic Will Stand Out by Sticking With Proof of Work

The technical differences between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are critical to understanding how the two assets will change in value.

With Many Fish in the DeFi Sea, Throw Ethereum Classic Back

It's still failing to differentiate itself from other altcoins. There's little potential for it to outperform its famous counterpart. With little on its side, there's not much reason to buy Ethereum Classic.

7 Crypto Assets to Watch As the Market Attempts to Build Traction

With the crypto market trying to break out of its consolidation pattern, this week will likely be anything but uneventful.

Ethereum Classic Is Risky, But It Might Be Better Than Ethereum

Ethereum Classic may be a long-term cheaper way to get into Ethereum, but there are risks. Ethereum Classic crypto has better performance features than Ethereum but also higher risks.