Floki Inu Prices Are Surging Higher Thanks to 2 Big Soccer Partnerships

The price of Floki Inu has soared over the past 24 hours after it announced that it would be partnering with two major soccer leagues.

The Floki Inu Marketing Blitz May Be Too Little, Too Late

Increased awareness could in theory boost the Floki Inu token price, but it won't happen if the so-called pupcoin bubble keeps deflating.

Don’t Kick Pupcoin Floki Inu to the Doghouse Just Yet

Although Floki Inu is in rough shape following the cryptocurrency fallout, as a strategic play, FLOKI-USD offers a compelling narrative.

7 Cryptos That Could Move Over 10 Times Higher

These 7 cryptos have market values below $2 billion in value and have catalysts that can make them rise 10 times over the next year or so.

Floki Inu Shows Why Crypto Has Gone to the Dogs

Floki Inu fills the “what’s next” space among pup coins. The appeal of FLOKI will expand if it can gain liquidity and regulators stay away.

Floki Inu Could Catch Up To Its Pup Coin Forebears

Thanks to a key advantage and upcoming catalyst, Floki Inu has a chance to rival Dogecoin and Shiba Inu for top-dog status.

Let’s Celebrate Floki Inu for Bringing Clarity to the Absurd but Little Else

While FLOKI-USD gets a bad rap for being a speculative meme coin, that the developers of Floki Inu are honest about it is at least admirable.

RIVN Stock: How Does Elon Musk Feel About Rivian? We’ve Got the Tweets.

Elon Musk recently tweeted about the future of Rivian, but so far RIVN stock is only going up. For now, investors should enjoy the ride.

Floki Inu Will Be the Next Shiba Inu, Plain and Simple

Did you miss out on Dogecoin, and then on the Shiba Inu craze? No worries, as you can get a second (or third) chance with Floki Inu.

Could Floki Inu Be the Crypto That Ultimately Gets Me in the Game?

There’s an argument that Floki Inu has the utility necessary to send it to the cryptocurrency big leagues. If that’s the case, I’m in.    

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These 7 metaverse cryptos, while incredibly speculative and extremely volatile, could be winners in the long run as the meta trend picks up.

New Digital Puppy Floki Inu Has a Long Way To Go on Road to Reliability

Floki Inu is a new meme crypto coin named after the pet dog of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

Shiba Inu Whales Drag DOGE, FLOKI, SHIB Prices Down on Selloff Fears

Shiba Inu's digital army has its work cut out for them as SHIB prices plunge amid a selloff. Can the puppy pack find its way again?

How to Buy Floki Inu: 4 Ways You Can Buy the Floki Inu Crypto Now

If you're wondering how to buy Floki Inu, you're in luck. The team behind the token is adding new ways to join the Viking army all the time.

17,000 Floki Inu Crypto Fans Bark for Coinbase to List FLOKI After Massive Rally

Vikings may be able to trade the Floki Inu crypto on Coinbase soon if the trending petition is successful. Here's what to know.

Shiba Inu Just Overtook Dogecoin. Lesser-Known Floki Inu Thinks It Can Dethrone Both.

Shiba Inu briefly overtook Dogecoin, but the newcomer Floki Inu crypto thinks it can dethrone both for meme token dominance.

Floki Inu Is a Highly Speculative Meme Crypto Based on 2 Tweets by Elon Musk

Floki Inu is a highly speculative meme crypto based on two tweets from Elon Musk. FLOKI crypto is only for investors who are willing to lose all their money as a speculative investment.

Buy Floki Inu If You’re Bullish the Pup Coin Trend Will Continue

Exercise caution, but if its latest initiative pays off and the speculative pup coin rally continues, Floki Inu could soar to higher prices.

Floki Inu Is a Tricky Play That Could Ultimately Turn Into a Treat

Floki Inu was named after Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu puppy. Relaunched three months ago, it’s up more than 2,000%. That’s a scary return.

Floki Inu Won’t Ever Be SHIB, But It’s Worth a Gamble on the Name Alone

Floki Inu can't do what SHIB did but that doesn't mean it can't bring nice returns in a best case scenario.