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Expect to see Litecoin rebound by the end of the year. Litecoin is likely to rise along with Bitcoin if it starts to recover as interest in cryptos rebounds.

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Litecoin looks good to rebound as Bitcoin recovers later this year. Litecoin is likely to mimic Bitcoin's upward moves this year, so an investment in LTC looks cheaper.

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Here's what the experts have provided in terms of Litecoin (LTC) price predictions for those interested in this altcoin right now.

Litecoin Looks Set to Rebound Quite Significantly

Litecoin looks like it should rebound quite significantly. Given its high performance and historical correlation with Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency should recover soon.

Litecoin’s Negative Catalysts Are Likely to Keep It in a Downward Spiral

Litecoin faces many hurdles, including a hostile government and Bitcoin's first-user advantage. Investors should sell Litecoin.

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There are several pros to investing in Litecoin over Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, it may be difficult for Litecoin to keep pace over time.

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There’s No Reason to Invest in Litecoin, Even During This Dip

Litecoin doesn't have much attraction power in the cryptocurrency space and there's little about it to make investors excited now.

Cryptocurrency Bargain Litecoin Could Double Your Money

Litecoin looks like a crypto bargain now that it's trading way off its peak. Litecoin could rebound 46% annually over the next two years.

See Which Way the Regulation Wind Is Blowing Before You Buy Litecoin

As the entire cryptocurrency market softens, the price of Litecoin has been dragged through the mud, down 55% from a high of $408.57 reached in mid-May to today's price of $183.31. Investors interested in cryptocurrencies need to decide if Litecoin's current slump represents a buying opportunity or if they should remain on the sidelines during the current volatility.