7 Cryptos That Are Poised To Double During 2022

7 Cryptos that are poised to double during 2022. These 7 cryptos will likely rise at least 100% or more during 2022 from their depressed prices now.

Polygon (MATIC) Crypto Gets a Major Price Boost With New Scaling Rollout

The Polygon (MATIC) crypto is trending upward significantly today on the heels of the project's new zk-scaling rollout.

Polygon Price Predictions: Where Will the MATIC Crypto Go After New Record?

A number of news items has crypto bulls jumping on Polygon after a series of major developments. Polygon price predictions are hot today.

Polygon Price Predictions: Where Will an NFT Boom Take the MATIC Crypto?

Many investors are increasingly becoming interested in expert Polygon price predictions, following a surge in NFT transactions.

Polygon’s New Look Make It A Crypto Play For The Long-Haul

MATIC-USD now runs a more solid framework that is less dependent on the Ethereum network

Polygon Looks Like Good Value Here As Its Popularity Grows

Polygon looks like good value here given its prospects next year. MATIC crypto will likely keep rising over the next year just like it did during Q3 as Polygon Defi apps become more popular.

Polygon Could Hold Steady Despite Crypto Market Uncertainty

Polygon is a rising star, but how fast it will ascend from here is the issue given uncertainty regarding the broader cryptocurrency market.

Unlike Other Cryptos Lately Polygon Has Been Strong

Unlike other cryptos, Polygon has been strong lately, reflecting its underlying blockchain success. Polygon is worth between 14% and 28% more based on its market value-to-total value locked ratio compared to Ethereum.

Polygon Price Predictions: What Will a New Wallet Integration Mean for MATIC Crypto?

All eyes are on Polygon price predictions after Opera announced that it would enable its native wallets to support the MATIC crypto.

Polygon Price Predictions: How High Can the MATIC Crypto Go in 2022?

The MATIC crypto has soared 13,000% in the year to date, but Polygon price predictions are still red hot looking ahead. Here's what to know.

Polygon Might End Up Being Ethereum’s Saving Grace

It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the development of Polygon ends up being the saving grace to Ethereum’s early issues.

5 of the Next Cryptos to Explode in 2022

What are the next cryptos to explode in 2022? Investors should be focusing on utility-focused tokens and cutting-edge tech plays.

7 Cryptos to Gamble on Thanks to the Omicron Discount

After their prices were driven down by the market's reaction to the omicron variant, here are the cryptos to buy on discount.

Polygon Price Predictions: What’s Next For MATIC After Mir Acquisition?

Polygon price predictions are heating up once again as the network makes known its big scaling acquisition.

3 of the Best Cryptos to Buy Right Now Following Bitcoin’s Crash

Which are the right cryptos to buy in the wake of the Bitcoin crash? Investors are now leaping for utility over store-of-value.

Polygon Price Predictions: Where Will the MATIC Crypto Go After Red-Hot Rally?

Polygon is running hot today as a flurry of crypto news elevates MATIC. Let's see what the Polygon price predictions say about the crypto.

WisdomTree Crypto Index: 7 Things to Know About the New Crypto Investing Index

The RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index is launching today, ushering in a robust tool for retail investors looking for crypto exposure.

If You Invested $1,000 in the MATIC Crypto a Year Ago, Here’s What It Would Be Worth Today

The MATIC crypto is quietly one of the best money-makers of the last year. Just how much is an early investment in the coin worth?

Polygon Price Predictions: How High Do Crypto Analysts Think MATIC Can Go?

All eyes are on MATIC after the team released new developments. Here are Polygon price predictions as the coin rides a wave of momentum.

Dear Polygon (MATIC) Crypto Fans, Get Ready For a Catalyst on Dec. 9

The Polygon (MATIC) crypto is on the rise ahead of the zk Summit, which will see the network make a major announcement.