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3 Big Stock Charts for Thursday: Nike Inc (NKE), Sprint Corp (S) and Cree, Inc. (CREE)

Nike (NKE), Sprint (S) and Cree (CREE) were all downgraded by analysts this morning. But one of these stocks is a raging buy. More 

Go Long AT&T Inc. (T) Stock While Wall Street Still Fears It

Falling knives are scary especially when the headline involves cutting a dividend. I am cautious catching AT&T (T) stock based on value with a 13% moat. More 

3 Reasons Why I Bought AT&T Inc. (T) Stock

AT&T stock hasn't been terribly rewarding over the course of the past year or so, but this is a long game, and value wins in the end. More 

Buy T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) on Sprint Merger Rumors

The talks are moving along between the two telecoms, and the odds of a TMUS stock and Sprint merger look good. More 

Sprint Corp (S) Stock Remains a Buy — but a Risky One

Sprint stock has weakened over the past few months. And while I still believe S stock is a buy, there are reasons for the recent declines. More 

3 Huge Reasons to Hang up on Sprint (S) Stock

Sprint stock is unlikely to rise even if the T Mobile merger goes through. If the merger doesn’t happen, its tough to find a reason to get behind the company. More 

Sprint Corp (S): Time to Play the Arbitrage Game?

It’s not just about agreeing to terms, which won’t be easy when you have someone as powerful as Masayoshi Son, Japan’s wealthiest person, at the negotiating table. Sprint and T-Mobile, assuming the terms are worked out to everyone’s satisfaction, have to go to Washington and plead their case. That’s not a slam dunk at the best of times. More