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5 Examples of How We’re Living in the Future

Companies like SSNLF and DDD are bringing us the future

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Killer Robots

Samsung185Perhaps one of the most pervasive fears in science fiction is the concept of lethal, autonomous robots.

We’re not talking about friendlier robots like Honda’s (HMC) ASIMO. Those are plenty futuristic, but as the saying goes, you have to have robots before you can have killer robots.

And now we have both. Samsung’s (SSNLF) sentry guard robots are currently stationed in the demilitarized zone between the Koreas.

We’re not just talking about a gun on an automated trigger, either. These sentries have “the ability to detect, give warning and provide suppressive fire against intruders.” Between this and the debate about unmanned drones patrolling the U.S., we’re clearly entering a new age of automated security. Just beware Skynet.

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