Report: Google Sets Its Sights on Building Robots

Robots might one day deliver packages to your home


Google (GOOG) is planning on building robots that could one day replace your delivery man by rushing packages straight to your doorstep.

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The billion-dollar company envisions a new generation of robots that could make our lives even easier, according to The New York Times. Although Google acknowledges that it is a “moonshot,” the company bought seven technology companies over the last year in an attempt to push the boundaries of robotics. The company has not discussed what it would do with these robots but some expect robots to help in manufacturing.

Andre McAfee — principal research scientist at the M. I. T. Center for Digital Business — said that factories could be revolutionized by robotics. “There are still people who walk around in factories and pick things up in distribution centers and work in the back rooms of grocery stores,” he said.

Google’s delivery service — which is currently being tested — could one day become partially or completely automated with robots delivering packages to a person’s door.

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