Jeff Reeves (RSS)
Jeff Reeves is a financial journalist, and has been lead writer and editor for since March 2010.  Jeff's commentary has appeared in numerous finance publications, broadcast outlets and websites, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, MarketWatch, Smart Money,, Fox Business Channel and a host of others. You can sign up for his free podcast via iTunes here. Jeff has also penned an eBook, The Frugal Investor's Guide to Finding Great Stocks: 11 Free Resources to Help Beginners Identify Fantastic Investments. In June 2011, Jeff was invited to the White House for the first ever Personal Finance Online summit, where he and other leading journalists interviewed top policy makers -- including President Obama himself. Jeff returned to the summit again in March 2012 for the second annual conference. As a former New York Times Co. editor with almost a decade of newsroom experience, Jeff knows how to look beyond the headlines to find out what the latest news really means for individual investors and consumers. Before writing and editing, Jeff was managing editor for Louis Navellier's award-winning stock newsletters Emerging Growth and Blue Chip Growth. In his free time, Jeff enjoys reading and writing fiction. He lives outside Washington,D.C.