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Tyler Craig is the president of TC Trading, Inc. and author of the popular options blog Tyler's Trading. He earned his Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation and is a member of the Market Technicians Association. During the past seven years, he has educated hundreds of traders through his work with one of the nation's leading educational firms.

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GILD: A Big Move Looms for Gilead Stock

Mar. 31, 2015, 11:36 am EDT – Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) has sat out the recent biotech stock boom, but recent chart patterns suggest a big move is imminent. Use straddles to profit. More 

Play the Boom in Chinese Stocks With FXI

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AAPL: 2 Tasty Trades on Apple Stock

Mar. 30, 2015, 11:22 am EDT – Apple stock holders likely aren't pleased with its recent bout of weakness, but it has helped juice the premiums on AAPL options. More 

How to Play the Double-Top Forming in SPY

Mar. 27, 2015, 12:49 pm EDT – The SPY ETF has failed twice to break the $212 zone and a double-top appears to be forming. Investors can profit with an options trade if they believe that the SPY will continue to show weakness. More 

Do Higher Oil Prices Spell Doom for Airline Stocks Like LUV?

Mar. 26, 2015, 1:17 pm EDT – With oil prices making a comeback, its time to take another look at LUV and other airline stocks to determine what effect rising oil prices may have on these high-fliers. More 

Crude Oil Spikes on Saudi Arabia Air Strikes (USO)

Mar. 26, 2015, 10:54 am EDT – With prices having already fallen so low, continued turmoil in the Middle East will inject additional upside risk in the oil markets. Here's how to trade the war-induced tumult with options. More 

FXE: Bet with the Bears on the Euro Rally

Mar. 25, 2015, 10:29 am EDT – It's just a matter of time before the beleaguered euro takes another dive. Take advantage of the next dip by playing options on the FXE ETF. More 

GLD: Gold Rebound Is Running Out of Steam

Mar. 24, 2015, 1:17 pm EDT – Despite the recent rally, it's unlikely that the price of gold will reach $1,200. Here's a bear call spread on GLD where you can exploit the next downturn in the price of gold. More 

FSLR: First Solar Stock Is Heating Up

Mar. 24, 2015, 10:51 am EDT – Solar stocks have delivered scorching returns so far this year, so traders looking to get in on the action should take a look at First Solar, Inc. (FSLR). More 

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Bank of America Stock (BAC)

Mar. 24, 2015, 8:24 am EDT – Bank of America Corp is one of the worst performers in financials. Here's why you avoid BAC stock for now. More