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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and its iPhone have revolutionized the smartphone business. But can can the iPhone, the App Store and Siri hold off competition forever?

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iPhone 6 Release – Apple Is Banking on Massive Demand

Apple places record 70-80 million unit order for new iPhone 6, gambling on pent up demand for a phablet-sized iPhone More 

Phablets Now Crushing Small Tablet Sales

Phablet sales are on fire, phablets dominate the premium smartphone market and they’re eating into small tablet sales in a big way More 

Nickel Rashes Traced to iPads, Apple Devices

Nickel rashes are more common these days among those with nickel allergies due to iPads and other Apple devices that may contain nickel. More 

The Top 25 Free iPhone Apps for July 2014

The list of July's 100 top free iPhone apps is here. Check out the top 25 here including Kik, Spotify and more. More 

iPhone 6 Rumors – What We Know So Far

We track iPhone 6 rumors from CNET and other tech outlets and combine them with our own analysis so you know what to expect from Apple. More 

Apple Enters Phablet Market With iPhone 6 (AAPL)

Apple felt that big smartphones were a fad until Samsung turned the phablet into a hot category, forcing AAPL to respond with a bigger iPhone 6. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Developing Home Automation Hardware

Apple said to be working on connected-home products; Apple drops Aperature and iPhoto development; and Tim Cook appears at Gay Pride Parade. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Gets Optical Image Stabilization

Apple to add premium optical technology to its 5.5-inch iPhone 6; Apple hires Atlas Wearables engineer; and Costco is selling iPhones again. More