Siri Is Not Welcome at IBM

The tech giant fears dictation device will leak sensitive information

Apple SiriSiri, the affable personal assistant who lives inside Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4S, has been prohibited from accompanying IBM (NYSE:IBM) employees to work.

The ban on Siri is part of IBM’s revamped security guidelines regarding which applications and software its employees can and cannot use while on the job.

IBM Chief Information Officer Jeanette Horan said in an interview with Technology Review that many IBM employees were “blissfully unaware” of the security risks various apps could impose on the company.

Horan’s concerns are legitimate considering that dictation devices like Siri collect extensive amounts of personal information that’s somehow stored — details of the where and how are vague — by Apple. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, which previously has issued a warning about Siri, the personal assistant technically is an Apple employee.

In addition to outlawing Siri, IBM’s IT department has banned the use of Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud and other public file-transfer programs.

“We’re just extrodinarily conservative,” Horan told Technology Review. “It’s the nature of our business.”

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