4 Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix for Valentine’s Day

From classics to recent Oscar-winners, these are the perfect movies for a night with your sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means you only have a few more days to put off buying something for your sweetheart.

romance-movies-to-watch-on-netflix-NFLXThe first images that flash in your mind when you hear “Valentine’s Day” are probably expensive Hallmark cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and a handful of flowers that you bought online at the last minute because Google reminded you. But some of the best Valentine’s Day memories are made by spending time with your loved one … maybe on a romantic date in the park or at a fancy dinner.

Or you could just watch a couple of romance movies on Netflix together, right? After all, those fancy dinners are expensive (and besides — there’s not even that much food on those plates!)

Besides, what’s more romantic — sitting across from each other separated by sterilized tablecloths, or cuddling up on a couch and laughing together?

So the real decision isn’t what you should do — but which of the romance movies on Netflix you would pick.

I’ve recommended Amélie and Shakespeare in Love before, and both movies are great choices for this occasion. But if you’re looking for more romance movies to watch on Netflix, here’s a quick selection to choose from.

Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix: The Artist

romance-movies-to-watch-on-netflix-the-artistThe Artist nearly made our list of Oscar-winning movies to watch on Netflix, but it’s an even better fit for our list of romance movies to watch on Netflix.

This Best Picture winner is shot in the style of a silent film that tells the tale of two movie stars who meet and fall in love. But when “talkies” begin to take over, their stars begin to shoot in opposite directions.

Jean Dujardin took home a Best Actor award for his performance, which perfectly captures the elation of being on top of the world and everything that you’d experience on the way down. It’s a cute, clever film, and the stars bring a bubbly chemistry that’s rare in modern films.

If you’re looking for classy romance movies to watch on Netflix, you won’t go wrong with The Artist.

Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix: Some Like It Hot

romance-movies-to-watch-on-netflix-some-like-it-hotA comedy classic, Some Like It Hot is also one of the best romance movies to watch on Netflix, regardless of the time of year.

This movie features Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon at their best as two musicians who are forced to go on the run after witnessing a mob hit. The two men don disguises, join an all-women’s band, and hilarity ensues. Marilyn Monroe stars as Sugar Kane, the sultry singer and ukelele player who quickly makes one of the boys fall in love.

It’s a remarkably sweet film, which makes it a perfect choice as one of the best romance movies to watch on Netflix. So why not curl up with a bag of popcorn and your sweetheart and give it a chance?

Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

romance-movies-to-watch-on-netflix-butch-cassidy-and-the-sundance-kid“Hold on, that’s not a romance movie!”

Oh really? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid might not be a story of boy meets girl, but it is the story of a deep, inseparable friendship between two guy friends.

Or, in the common parlance, a “bromance.”

Another Oscar-winner (Best Original Screenplay, among others), the film tells the story of the bandit Butch Cassidy and his partner as they rob banks, flee from the law and blow stuff up with a whole bunch of dynamite. The movie is filled with banter that rivals any classic romance, like this gem:

Butch: Is that what you call giving cover?
Sundance: Is that what you call running? If I knew you were going to stroll…

It’s admittedly a wry pick for romance movies to watch on Netflix, but if you find yourself without a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, Butch Cassidy is sure to entertain you.

Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix: Ghost

romance-movies-to-watch-on-netflix-ghostBefore Twilight and its derivatives flooded the market, Ghost was the original supernatural romance movie. And it’s still one of the best romance movies to watch on Netflix. (I mean … just look at that poster.)

When Patrick Swayze’s character is killed, the power of his love keeps him on this earth so he can try to save his wife (played by Demi Moore). It features plenty of humor, an Oscar-winning performance by Whoopi Goldberg, and the most suggestive clay-sculpting scene in cinematic history.

So if you’re looking for truly emotional romance movies to watch on Netflix, it’s tough to beat this ’90s classic.

Adam Benjamin is an Assistant Editor at InvestorPlace and a bit of a romantic. As of this writing, he did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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