Google Baseline: 5 Things to Know About the GOOG Healthy Human Project

The Baseline Study comes from Google X

Google (GOOG) is working on a new study, called Baseline, to help it understand what makes a human body healthy.

google-goog-baselineThe Baseline Study fits in to a category of Google projects called moonshots. These projects are high risk and can take a long time to complete, but they can also have a huge impact on the world, The Wall Street Journal notes.

Google Baseline comes not even a year after the tech giant announced a new company, named Calico, that is dedicated to working on how technology can help with diseases, aging and other health issues.

Here are a few things to know about Google’s Baseline Study, as collected from WSJ.

  • The Baseline Study comes from Google X, which has also worked on the company’s self-driving cars and Glass.
  • The goal of the project is to collect anonymous genetic and molecular information to determine what makes a healthy body.
  • 175 people will be included in the first part of the study, but it’s also expected to expand to include thousands of people.
  • Early stages of the project are being run by Dr. Andrew Conrad, who developed cheap tests for HIV.
  • The study will look for certain traits in its collected information to try to help doctors identify diseases earlier.

To see more about Google Baseline, click here.

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