Apple (AAPL) Downplays Reports of iPhone 6 Bending

Apple (AAPL) claims that cases of the iPhone 6 Plus bending in people’s pockets are rare.

Source: Apple

According to Apple, it has only received nine complaints regarding bending in the iPhone 6 Plus. It argued that it put the device through several different tests, including a sit test, before releasing it to the public, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The iPhone 6 Plus is is 5.5-inch smartphone and is the largest ever made by the company. It’s made of a custom grade of anodized aluminum for enhanced strength and has stainless steel and titanium inserts to brace it in areas that could face extra stress, WSJ notes.

Despite Apple’s claims that its iPhone 6 Plus won’t bend under normal circumstances and that incidents of it happening are rare, several other companies took to Twitter (TWTR) to poke fun at the new iPhone with the hashtag #bendgate.

  • “We’ve only ever had curves in all the right places #bendgate” — Coca-Cola (KO) GB
  • “Bends rule! #bendgate #hyperbolicparabaloid” — Kellogg’s (K) Pringles
  • “We happen to think bending’s underrated! #LenovoYoga #bendgate” — Lenovo (LNVGY) UK & Ireland

Samsung (SSNLF) also poked fun at Apple’s bending issue with an ad that has what appears to be an iPhone 6 Plus bowing down to a Galaxy Note 3. The ad is accompanied by the text “Bend to those who are worthy.”

AAPL shares were up 1% as of noon Friday.


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