Virgin Galactic News: Test Flights in Space Are Just ‘Weeks Away’

Some believed the move was months away

In the latest Virgin Galactic news, British billionaire and company CEO reassures the public that a test flight to space is only a few weeks away as some believed it would still be months before this test flight took place.

Virgin Galactic News
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The CEO of the popular airline is seeking to make his company the first one to offer consumer flights to space. “We should be in space within weeks, not months. And then we will be in space with myself in months and not years,” Branson told CNBC’s Nancy’s Hungerford in Singapore on Tuesday.

“We will be in space with people not too long after that so we have got a very, very exciting couple of months ahead,” he added. Branson is trying to get fare-paying passengers into space, which would be an incredible feat considering Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is attempting to do the same at the moment.

The Virgin Galactic boss has been investing in space travel since 2004 and he had hopes that he would be able to go to space himself sometime before April of this year. Branson underwent astronaut, fitness and centrifuge training in recent months and he believes that he will be ready to depart to space in only a few months.

Virgin Galactic said that the next phase of test flights will consist of seeing the spaceship burn its rockets longer and go faster to see if it can reach space.

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