Flip Phone Challenge: Frontier Pays $1,000 to Briefly Ditch Smartphone

One winner will be chosen to partake in the challenge

The flip phone challenge is here from Frontier Communications, giving one lucky person the chance to win $1,000 in exchange for ditching their smartphone for a week.

Flip Phone ChallengeMany would agree that while smartphones keep us more connected on a day-to-day basis, they also reduce the amount of personal interaction we all partake in for the most part. The aforementioned company has rolled out a contest that is asking people to not use their smartphones for a week and instead carry an old-school flip phone for seven full days.

If the chosen person is able to complete the challenge with success, they will be rewarded with $1,000 buckaroos. The participant will also be given a “survival kit” with the flip phone that includes a physical map to be used instead of GPS apps such as Google Maps.

The contestant will also be given a physical phone book to jot down phone numbers, as well as a pen and notebook and retro CDs with music from the 90s. Frontier is also asking you to document the entire flip phone challenge, meaning that you’d have a number of “responsibilities” in the details of the contest, with the prize money being described as “compensation.”

“Our ideal candidate will be a self-proclaimed smartphone fiend who’s always up to date on the latest tech news. They’ll be organized, detail-oriented, and willing to persevere,” the page reads.

Are you that candidate?

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