Wyze Data Breach 2019: 2.40 Million Smart Camera Users Affected

A Wyze data breach saw 2.40 million users of the smart cameras have their data exposed.

Wyze Data Breach 2019: 2.40 Million Smart Camera Users Affected

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Unlike most data breaches, the Wyze one wasn’t due to hackers attempting to break into the system. Instead, the issue stems from an employee at the company making a mistake. This had them copying sensitive data to a less secure database. The additional protection on this data wasn’t kept on this new database.

An update on the Wyze data breach notes that it took place from Dec. 4 to Dec. 26. The company waited before revealing the details behind the data breach to ensure that it had closed off all access to the information.

Here’s what was part of the Wyze data breach.

  • Nicknames
  • Device Names
  • User Emails
  • Profile Pictures
  • WiFi Router Names
  • Alexa Integration Tokens

Wyze notes that it still isn’t done fully investigating this data breach. However, it does say that passwords, personal financial data and video files were not part of the leak. It is also working with data security professionals to investigate the incident.

Wyze says that it is work to better its security guidelines to ensure that an incident like this doesn’t happen in the future. It will also be working with third-party cyber security firm to audit and improve security protocols.

Information about the Wyze data breach is currently being sent out to users in the form of an email. The emails are being sent out in batches, so everyone won’t be getting them at the same time.

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